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Embrace Your Inner Flyygirl With Sade Ariel’s Single, “Step Out”

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, singer-songwriter and mesmerizing performer Sade Ariel encourages us to "Step Out" of our comfort zone with her groovy new single.

Sade Ariel is on one mission, to help women everywhere awaken and embrace their inner Goddess. Having started Flyygirl, The Goddess Lifestyle, Sade Ariel brings that same confident and alluring approach into each of her tunes. Flyygirl provides brilliant and vibrant showgirl outfits as well as basics to help you "bring that on-stage Goddess into your everyday life," says Ariel.

This time around, Sade Ariel wants us to embrace our inner Flyygirl with her latest single, "Step Out." The song is a bold, sexy anthem for women everywhere to love themselves, their bodies, their personalities, and to never let self-doubt get in the way of having a good time.

Expanding on the hot new single, "Step Out," Sade Ariel throws us into a familiar and groovy hip-hop sample while dancing through our speakers with her witty and confident lyrics. In her Patois tongue, she playfully spits her rhymes without a care in the world, setting all sorts of hot and heavy scenes, even transitioning into French for a moment.

It's quite the stimulating single, and Sade Ariel wastes no time making listeners get up and groove to her confident bars and rhythmic sonics. We're getting major Nicki Minaj meets Missy Elliot vibes, but Sade Ariel's charismatic performance stylings and her inclusive, welcoming feel sets her apart from the competition.

Girls, it's time we lift each other up. Learn your way around owning your inner Goddess with help from Sade Ariel's saucy new single, "Step Out," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sade Ariel. We're head over heels for the party-like atmosphere within your hot and heavy single, "Step Out." What inspired you to create such a vibrant song like this?

What inspired me to create step out was the thought of stepping out. It was still Covid time. No one was going out, and I told myself that when all this was done, I wanted to step back into the world with accomplishments that I could be proud of. Whenever you’re celebrating things, there should always be a song you go to for that, and that’s where the whole idea came from.

Did you work alongside any producers when formulating the sonics for "Step Out?" What sort of vibe did you want to give the song?

I wanted to give a Canadian meet Island girl vibe to the song because of my cultural background being of Caribbean descent. I’ve always worked with Araz from the compound studio when it comes to recording just cause we have an artist-producer relationship I feel that has lasted for a while. He just understands my sound and where I’m trying to take it every time.

What was your favorite part about creating "Step Out?" What did you take away from the experience?

My favorite part about creating STEP OUT would have to be creating the visuals. I held on to the song for a while before deciding to finally give it the life it deserved. So when it was time to give it the visual aspect I knew it needed, I couldn’t wait. I secretly believe I have the vision for creative directing, so anytime I can incorporate visuals into my art, I’m all in and super pumped on that.

Could you tell us more about your Goddess lifestyle/showgirl outfit company, Flyygirl? Why did you want to launch the brand?

FLYYGIRL, the goddess lifestyle, is my baby. She was born on 1.11. This year has been really my motivation and focal point for the music I create. The brand focuses on empowering women to channel their inner goddess and show up as her each and every second of the day. I launched the brand because I saw a lane I could be in by myself. Somewhere I could bring a vibe that no one really saw or heard of before, especially where my feet are planted at the moment. Our focus on the fashion end is red carpet/showgirl pieces for entertainers or the everyday diva. There’s nothing basic about being a Flyy girl, and it’s my mission to make that known through the clothes we bring to the brand and the music we release.


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