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Embrace Yourself and Never "Look Away"

Kayla Silverman is known for the immense live performance experiences she currently carries under her belt, such as her 2019 headliner show promoting her EP 'I Believe,' performing at popular venues The Cutting Room and The Bitter End in New York City.

Being a recording and performing artist, Kayla Silverman has accomplished monumental accolades in her musical journey surrounding her songwriting, and compositions as her rapidly growing fan base continue to climb the ladder.

Listening to the most recent release from the buoyant artist herself, “Look Away,” has Kayla Silverman’s infectious vocalization pulling us into her spellbinding embrace. The manner in which her delicate timbres tackle a prevailing nature as they cascade upon instrumentation that drips your speakers in rhythmic synths and up-tempo grooves has you out of your seat and moving to the music before you.

Kayla Silverman allowed a gloomy moment to shape the inspirational journey for “Look Away.” Written with the intention to inspire her audience to dance all of their problems away, the eclectic ambiance portrayed in “Look Away,” was inspired by the gut-wrenching feeling of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see.

If you listen carefully to the lyrical content impeccably sprawled throughout this body of work, Kayla Silverman’s intricately crafted lyrics have a negative connotation to them due to the subject matter that she is fervently addressing. The addition of the effervescent instrumentation that springs feel-good vibrations to the liveliness combats any pessimism heard and in turn, allows this song to shine in its saturated format of acknowledging your flaws and loving yourself regardless. Encouraging her fan base with each word she utters, Kayla Silverman casts glimmers of hope into the mind of the ones tapping in.

Congratulations on the release of, “Look Away.” We love the theme that this song touches on. Could you please take us into the creative process for this song, and what it looked like bringing it to life?

This song has a really interesting backstory. I co-wrote this song with my childhood friend Talia Yadro. I was inspired by a poem that she made that was about someone watching the person they love fall in love with someone else. I loved the concept, but decided that the narrator didn’t need to be talking about another person, they could be talking about themselves. I decided to shift the focus to someone looking at the mirror and not liking what they see. Here, the narrator is falling in love with being someone that they are not.

The idea of incorporating an up-beat element to the instrumentation is genius! How was that idea formed? Was that always the direction “Look Away” was headed?

I love the idea of putting sad lyrics to upbeat and empowering music. These seemingly contrasting principles actually combine to create a more complex meaning behind the song. I interpret that the takeaway message of this piece of music is that yes, we are all insecure and will always have things we want to change about ourselves, but that does not prevent us from being loving and accepting ourselves. Originally, this song was supposed to be a gorgeous ballad. The riff that the guitars play in the intro was actually supposed to be played by a piano. I remember messing around with the textures of the intro one night. I played the riff on the guitar and immediately knew I had to completely change the whole vision of the song.

With the numerous accomplishments that you have received on your journey, do you find that any of those awards or experiences shape the way that you write music today?

I definitely find that both my successes and mistakes have shaped me into the person and musician that I am today. I am very grateful for all of the accomplishments that I have accumulated through the years as it continually solidified the fact that performing and making music is my own true passion. But, in retrospect, I am most thankful for my mistakes and shortcomings. Every single one of those errors has uncovered things that I don’t want to include in my musicianship.

What is the main message that you send out to your listeners through the music you place forth?

For me, music has always been a safe space where I can step away from reality. Music to me is cinematic and overly emotional. With every single song that I write, I try to create a whole new world for that song. This is because I want my music to be an escape for my listeners. I want them to be able to enter a world that is larger than life right when they press play.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I am very excited to say that I will be releasing my next single next month! I hope to make a 5 song EP that should be released this summer. I also hope to start performing again soon with my band once it is safe too! I miss connecting with my fans and doing what I love most, performing. But in the meantime, I am excited to continue combining visual art with music. You can expect to see more collages, photo edits, and animations to accompany each new release.



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