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Embracing Her Intimate Thoughts, Dora Kola Let's Us Explore "MY AMERICAN BOYFRIEND (Retro Apartment

Dora Kola is one of the edgiest West Coast artists to have debuted in recent years and owes her inspiration to the influences of the strip club, sexuality, heavy metal, 80’s rock n’ roll, and California.

After a lifetime of developing her craft, the former award-winning BCIT World Class Rock radio disc jockey finally began releasing music in the summer of 2020. Dora Kola ingeniously presents a fresh new perspective with her distinctive wild child brand comprised of multiple music styles in the realm of chill, sexy, dreamy.

Delving into the exclusive stylings of her most recent single “MY AMERICAN BOYFRIEND (Retro Apartment Sessions),” we’re caught up in the intoxicating essence of what minimalistic instrumentation does for the vocal talents of Dora Kola. Melismatic to the touch, we navigate through a spectrum of intimate timbres that grasp at the poignant lyrical motifs revealed through the emotion evoked thoughts pouring onto a harmonious canvas.

Soothing in both the luscious guitar riffs and comforting croons that drip through the sound waves, Dora Kola allows her voluminous dimensions to radiate through the persona that she unapologetically offers to her audience each and every time. With a vast array of picturesque beauty that stems from each word conveyed, there’s a life-like growth that flourishes from the words depicted as we apply images from our own headspace to how she portrays her narrative.

“MY AMERICAN BOYFRIEND (Retro Apartment Sessions),” allows us to tune into a side of Dora Kola that may not be exposed as often as the resonance she is known for. Keeping us on our toes all while incorporating a magnitude of influences throughout each melodic creation, the feelings that Dora Kola leaves us with have us riding the waves of her artistry.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, DoraKola. We love the sounds of the stripped-down record, “MY AMERICAN BOYFRIEND (Retro Apartment Sessions.” What inspired you to take this route in the styling of this song?

Following the last successful release of ‘DIRTY SEXY ROCKER BOY’ which was captured in the first two takes and was a freestyle I spat on the mic and then used for final production, I am an artist who believes in capturing the art in its authentic moment. Magic happens at certain times and I want to honor those specific moments instead of thinking I need hundreds of takes on every line just to strive for ‘perfection’ .. that takes away from the integrity and moment in the art of what I am conveying and creating.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from the messaging in this song?

It's okay to be sad. F*ck what people think. Also, I suck at dating.

As someone who has such an array of influences, is there any style of your music that you find comes to you more natural than others?

Forming rules and boundaries around creativity are extremely detrimental to the process .. so I go into it ready to go with whatever is on my mind right then and there. That's what works for me. And as long as it's rock n roll.

In your own words, what does “MY AMERICAN BOYFRIEND (Retro Apartment Sessions),” mean to you?

As an alpha female, it's fucking hard to express my emotions sometimes without feeling vulnerable. With ‘MY AMERICAN BOYFRIEND’ I picked up my guitar, slammed back some cold coffee, and hit the record. The record is literally what you hear from what the one take I took right then and there. No bullshit autotune or production. Apparently, I like it raw. Haha, but seriously. What came was obviously my feels on coming to terms with my intimate personal relationship in life and the same weird cycles I’ve noticed from them. And the fact that I am struggling to answer this question just says it all..heh.

What's next for you?

I am releasing another track in late summer (something like that) called ‘ALL MY BOYFRIENDS ARE DEAD’, and another track entitled ‘KILLING PEOPLE CASUALLY.’ featuring Vancouver-based rapper Ekke. A feature on a song I’ve done is also set to come out in June with Hologram Empire. Stay tuned for some new tunez dudez n dudettez!



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