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Emerald B Shines On Her Latest Single "Almost"

Coming to us from North of the Border, Emerald B is an upcoming Canadian Singer/ Songwriter. Her comforting approach to music aims to uplift her listeners as she imparts her sentimental wisdom to her adoring listeners. Having played across numerous venues in Ontario, Canada, and the USA, Emerald B is putting out memorable content that strikes a chord with listeners nationwide. Her latest release "Almost" is a stirring testament to her ability to create emotional journies through her vivid and descriptive lyrics.

"Almost" starts with a cascading trickle of tones that fall over the listener like droplets of rain. A sentimental piano plays whimsical notes as Emerald B joins the soundscape.

Emerald's voice is bathed in light and predilection as she sings verses of what could have been. "Almost" is the story of a relationship that should have been, but just didn't formulate the way it was supposed to. Emerald B creates a moving lyrical storyboard throughout "Almost" that takes us on a cinematic journey, pulling back the curtain on a relationship struggling to start and its inevitable dissolve. "Almost" features a stealth rhythmic flow that ads a seductive RnB edge while Emerald B puts forth an emotional ballad. We loved "Almost," and we know you will too.

Listen to "Almost" here.

Hello Emerald B and welcome back to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest release "Almost." Can you tell us a bit about the song and the meaning behind it?

"Almost" is about falling in love but, just not knowing if you’re ready for a relationship yet. The time will come and you will realize when you’re ready. 

What made you want to create music and launch your own career?

I loved it so much and it is my passion. Music helps me so much and it helps me express my feelings. I also want to inspire other people and help them.

Who are some of your musical influences that have contributed to your overall sound?

Tori Kelly writes very inspirational music and I love her vocal range. My vocal teacher has helped me so so much to improve my voice.

"Almost" does a wonderful job of creating a vivid storyline through the lyrics. What does the songwriting process look like for you?

So I and my mom write together and we try to write about stories in my life. Then we edit until I like how it flows. Next, I create chords that sound good on the piano. I write everything down and send them to my producer (Jan Jansen). We then record at Cleveland Sound Lab in Toronto!

What's keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

My parents, fans, friends, and family all keep me inspired and they are helping to keep me stay positive.



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