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Emerging Band Dark Signal Releases "Drag Me To Hell"

From Sacramento California, Dark Signal brings a powerful and dynamically intense rock

sound to the music scene. The band was formed in 2017 and is currently a band of five. Dark

Signal is a melodically blended rock group incorporating their influences of artist from Shinedown to Bring Me The Horizon. Dark Signal has a strong vision for their performances as well as their studio sound that will make you a definite fan.

Filled with angst and a new age kind of rock, Dark Signal’s track, “Drag Me To Hell” brings both visually appealing and melodic art. Driving instrumentals and a catchy hook come together along with the energy of the band makes for a distinctive sound. The guitars are as gritty as the vocals which make the so more intense besides the dynamics. The production is used well using distortion strategically while having breaks of clean smooth vocals. During the entire song, the antagonist of the storyline seems to be focusing on a love interest that may have had good intentions at first but eventually will be the downfall of the antagonist. All in all, adding Dark Signal to your Spotify playlist will be a blessing.

Scroll below to find the bands exclusive interview, where they let us in on their creation process of "Drag Me To Hell" and what we can expect from them in the coming year!

Hey Dark Signal! We’re very excited about you latest release! Can you tell our readers about your the band and how you guys formed?

It's been a long and painful journey. We originally started out as a metal band with quite the experience finding the right lineup. After some years of smuggling to fins our sound and Niche we stumbled into a producer who helped us shape our image and sound into what is known as Dark Signal today. 

Can you explain the story-line and meaning to “Drag Me to Hell”?

Drag Me To Hell is about a relationship I was in with a woman who looked and sounded like an Angel with eyes that tore your soul in half. Little did I know that she was a crazy little devil in disguise and that I was in for the ride of my life. 

What is the concept behind the music video?

The Concept behind the music video is that of a siren like woman who is beautiful and captivating yet underneath lies a demon waiting to reveal itself. 

Can you tell us a little about the creation process behind “Drag Me to Hell”?

A large chunk of hours spent flexing and performing the song over and over with a sexy female and a whole lot of white paint 

What is something your fans should know about the band?

I feel you, I relate to you , we will create music you can move to and love with lyrics that inspire, encourage and deal in real life the way it is. 

What can we expect next from Dark Signal? We can’t wait to hear what’s next!

You can expect amazing music with a lot of thought and perspective put into it as well as an unforgettable performance from the band close to you very soon.


Check out the bands website and socials in order to keep up to date with the latest on releases and shows:


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