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Emilio Hinojosa Brings Us the Vibes With His Latest Release "Blue"

Emilio Hinojosa is a singer/songwriter who debuted during his high school years. Since performing with a choir, a spark of passion and interest in music began leading him to the artist he is today. Emilio Hinojosa had recently released his single "Blue" and it the perfect moody late-night tune to kick back to. The record has a minimalistic approach to it but it has a lot of fantastic elements within it that keep it interesting. "Blue" begins with a very soft, lullaby-like piano before Emilio begins using his enchanting voice to start telling a story. The energy of the song remains very moody and flowing, like if it was trickling down a river. In the chorus, a soft little ambient shaker begins slowly picking up the pace before backing off to give more space in the verse for the vocal to highlight again.

There are ethereal qualities to this record that immediately spark interest, there's something about the piano part and tone that evokes a really calm and relaxed mental state. Emilio's vocal performance is extremely soothing to listen to, it feels very honest and natural; it becomes really relatable and easy to listen to.

We can't wait to see what else Emilio writes for us next. Listen to "Blue" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Emilio Hinojosa! We're loving your single "Blue"! What was the songwriting and production process for it like?

Originally when I was writing Blue it was in my room, like Hold Onto Me, but this time I wanted to write a happy sounding song compared to Hold Onto Me. I sat on my Dad's old keyboard and started trying out some rhythms and I sung over them. Then I went to the studio, that I used to record at, and got with the producer and he heard my original piano accompaniment and spiced it up which I loved. But it was all around really fun experience.

What aspect of performing in a choir inspired you to become an artist? Has the choir work influenced the music that you write?

Performing in Choir for me meant that I had to sing on a stage and even though I wasn't alone, It is supposed to be a vulnerable state, but I loved being on stage, If I'm being honest, I was always a quiet kid so I never sang at all, from what I can remember. But performing on stage, I felt my blood rushing, I felt truly alive, more alive than I ever have before. That truly inspired me to pursue music. In my choir we read and learn a lot of Classical music, I had previous experience in reading music from the band but singing was different for in the sense that, I learned so much about music, which helps me even though my music isn't in that genre.

Having released both "Blue" and your other single "Hold Onto Me" already, how do you think the two compare? Do you feel like you have grown as an artist between the songs?

Blue and Hold Onto Me are, in my opinion, the world's apart. Because Hold Onto Me was written during a time that really tested me as my character, because for once I met a person that really and truly wanted to hear about me, so much so that she threatened to leave unless I started opening up and letting out some of my pent up emotions, she didn't think that I trusted her, but it was different I wanted to explain that, so I said that it's not that, I just need but right now I just need you to be there for me, for when I am ready. Hold Onto Me is a very vulnerable song as to Blue is about that feeling of not really feeling like you fit in somewhere until that person you love walks in the room, because then, "What's there to worry about?" That person to me makes me feel like I'm on top of the world, extremely happy. Musically they were both made in my room originally but they don't sound similar in the slightest. I have grown between the songs and after the songs as well, It has been a long time since those two singles and I have been aching for the chance to record and perform again. There have been some things going on but I think I have sorted out some of the issues.

Do you already have goals that you are aiming to achieve as a songwriter and artist? Are there any actions in place to help achieve those goals?

My goals as an artist are to expand my reach and hopefully have the ability to make a difference in people. To be a beacon of hope for other aspiring artists. There are so many talented people, but they don't believe in themselves because its a "One in a million" odd to make it as an artist. I want to write songs to express my emotions and also give a voice to those who feel like they must remain mute. I am currently in look for a studio to hopefully settle down at to finally work on a longer project which I can hopefully send to some people I have and or could be in contact with.

What can fans expect next from you and your music, Emilio Hinojosa?

That I will not make the same type of music over and over again, I love so many styles and genres, and I think they reflect some of my emotions. My music will either be about how I'm feeling, hoping to relate with the listener or about someone else's experience to help shine a light on a subject. Either way, I hope my music becomes someone's reminder of a memory or feeling. Because that is what music does to me.


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