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Emilio Hinojosa’s “Your Name” Sparks Passion for Listeners

Keep reading to hear about the recent release from Emilio Hinojosa, “Your Name,” a fearless and lively song with a web of different genre elements.

Growing up in Mexico and the United States, Emilio Hinojosa was always surrounded by culture. What started as a love of poetry and music transformed into a love of songwriting and performing. Never stagnant, Emilio always hopes to try new things and varieties of music.

With some electronic, pop, and R&B elements, “Your Name” is a unique and memorable blend of sounds. “Your Name” starts softly with just Emilio’s vocals and a guitar and quickly sucks you in with the slow introduction of more elements. First a sedated beat, then some electric guitar, a more pronounced beat, and some synth characteristics. All these are underlying Emilio’s strong and crisp vocals.

Each part of the song stands out as an individual, showcasing Emilio’s want to always keep things fresh. Some parts will have you dancing along, and others will pull you back to reality. Heavier instrumentation makes an appearance in the chorus, driving home those lyrics. Emilio Hinojosa sings about being stuck in floods of memories and how hard it is to let those go. He sings, “Am I the only one that’s in love with the past,” highlighting those emotions.

After some hard-hitting choruses and expressive verses, a more stripped-down last few lines brings the focus back to Emilio’s voice. You are left feeling the emotions in his vocals and uplifted from the energetic and refreshing production. Check out “Your Name,” now available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Emilio, and congratulations on your latest release, "Your Name." Where did the creative process start for you with this song? What was the songwriting process like?

For 'Your Name,' the process started with the idea of making a song that those who couldn't relate to the song before this one, 'if you had stayed,' could relate to. I started this song on the piano instead of the guitar, unlike the start the song suggests

You mentioned that you love experimenting with collaborators – producers, writers, etc. Were there any creative collaborations with "Your Name?" How do you go about choosing who will be the right fit for a song?

I did not work with any different collaborators on this project. Apart from my producer, it's remained the same. However I have worked with local talent in the form of some musicians I occasionally gig with.

What was something that challenged you about any part of the process of creating "Your Name?"

The chorus was very challenging to make. I wanted to say something catchy but not nonsense. Something that felt real, like looking back on a certain place in time with someone. In the end, I really leaned into the theme of a high school sweethearts storyline.

How has your journey been going from a lover of music and poetry to now an artist available for streaming? Has anything changed about your process since you started releasing music to the world?

Ever since I had my awakening to my passion for music, I've always been dreaming of being able to have my music on someone's playlist or to have a crowd to play to. This dream is slowly growing into something far beyond what I could imagine. I've gotten the chance to work with some amazingly talented people and shoot music videos that I am immensely proud of. A lot has changed in my process of releasing music, in the sense of having information and data on what people like to see from me the most. Which helps a lot in both ways, as an artist trying to cater to an audience, and as a songwriter seeing that their words are connecting with people I haven't even met.


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