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Emily Brooks Takes Our Hearts With, "Home Is Where The Heart Is"

With an authentic, unforgettable voice and a natural knack for writing mesmeric top lines and relatable lyrics, Emily Brooks makes music with the hope of igniting something genuinely wonderful inside of everyone. Her fourth and final single in the year 2020 is “Home is Where the Heart is.” A dreamy, feel-good Christmas song for people of all ages. With entirely organic instrumentation, produced by Wes Styles, with Eli Hludzik on drums and percussion, the song embodies 60’s doo-wop meets The Beatles, ‘Rubber Soul’ era production.

Dazzling us in the heartfelt Christmas spirit that we yearn for at this time of year, “Home Is Where The Heart Is” dives into our inner nostalgia as we reminisce on visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads. Emily Brooks’ blissful vocals cascade upon the instrumentation seamlessly as she radiates a certain warmth in the hearts of her listeners. Each thriving melody that she sheds has a life as its own through the harmonious utopia she creatively develops with her meaningful lyrics.

The wistful evolution of this song holds onto raw and organic elements as she wrote this from a place of loneliness met by comfort when reflecting on memories of the good times. The imagery of people spending the holidays with their loved ones drove home her inhibitions to spread love and joy through the release of “Home Is Where The Heart Is.”

Hopeful tones in the delivery of Emily Brooks wash over us as we indulge in this captivating piece moment by moment. The difference between good and great is in the details, and Emily Brooks proves that time and time again with the profound conveyance of “Home Is Where The Heart Is.”

Hello Emily, congratulations on the release of, “Home Is Where the Heart Is,” and welcome to BuzzMusic. With the warm embrace of this spirited record, we would love to know; what went into the creative process when bringing this song to life?

Thank you Buzz, I’m happy to be here! The evolution of this song was very organic as I muddled through feelings of loneliness, comforted by memories of the good times. From a longing sense of nostalgia and thinking deeply about all of the people spending the holidays without their loved ones this year, I began to sing over different chord progressions. When I found the progression I liked, it all started to flow so naturally, both melodically and lyrically, and the next thing I knew I was moving onto the pre and then the chorus, and it all happened quite fast this time around. I am a very feeling-based writer so as soon as I’m in a feeling, I like to let myself go wherever the moment takes me. The less pressure I put on myself, the longer I stay in flow. The minute I start thinking too much or too hard, it’ll knock me out of it.

What are your favorite memories of Christmas that you carry with you?

Aunt Jackie and Uncle Tom’s house for Christmas eve dinner. Playing pool in their basement and running around with a sugar high after trying eggnog for the first time. On Christmas we would go to my grandparent’s house, gathered around the table holding hands in prayer, digging into a big pile of turkey and potatoes followed by a gift exchange. Shaking each present trying to guess. I’ll never forget when Grandma got me a karaoke machine. We hooked that thing up right then and there and I didn’t stop singing till it was time to go. Overall, my favorite memories are the ones before loved ones passed on and others moved away. Those are the memories I cherish the most.

Could you please take us into what the recording session looked like when “Home Is Where the Heart Is,” was recorded?

The song was recorded in Wes Style’s in-home studio. We began with drums and percussion followed by guitar and bass. Vocals came last and Wes sprinkled some electric piano and a celesta in there after the session to complement certain spots. Overall, it was a two-day session and super fun.

What would you like your listeners to take away from the music that you create?

Hope and love. Truth. I make music to inspire people wherever they’re at in their journey. I want to be an artist that is always right there with you, bringing to life your innermost feelings and painting them onto a canvas of music that you can revisit any time you need to. My music is whatever you need it to be, and it’s here for you whenever you need it.



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