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Emily Clair Shines Bright in the Country-Pop Light

Canadian country artist Emily Clair is celebrating the release of her new single, "Kiss Strangers." The first single released from her first full-length album, "Stealing Hearts," "Kiss Strangers," is also new to Canadian country radio.

Co-written by Emily Clair and Bobbi Smith, Emily states, "In country music, women are often presented as dwelling on past relationships by drowning in a box of ice cream or a bottle of wine. I wanted to break away from that perception and offer a fresh take on the post-relationship mindset." Growing up in Ajax, Ontario but now based in Greater Napanee, the bold artistry behind "Kiss Strangers" is poised to usher in a new chapter for Emily Clair as she embraces the early recording stages of her forthcoming album.

Leading us into this exquisite creation approaching a new narrative, Emily Clair provides an unapologetic persona as she brings us "Kiss Strangers." Emanating carefully crafted wording that has us tapping into the upbeat dynamic of Country music, we admire the pop twist that accompanies lyrical motifs we relate to.

With production handled by her long-time collaborator Shawn Moore, we hear how his techniques mesh with Emily Clair's pop styling for a more organic feel to how the instrumentation and smoldering croon coincide. Brilliance comes from the ease and grace Emily Clair etches into each musical component we hear. Getting us amped up for the artistic depth she explores in her forthcoming album, "Kiss Strangers," has us leading on the right foot as compelling country-pop anthems go.

Making the switch from her prominent heartfelt ballads and leaving it all on the table as she gives us a peek of edge and glistening charisma, this new side of Emily Clair is one we stand by. Wanting her audience to feel uplifted, understood, and heard after taking in "Kiss Strangers," we see Emily Clair's country music foundation gets that much more relatable.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Emily Clair, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Kiss Strangers." We love this new approach that you're taking into your artistry! What compelled you to experiment with this route of your sound?

Thanks so much, I'm so glad that you love my new tune! After writing “Kiss Strangers”, I knew that it brought out an upbeat, fun, and sassy side of me as an artist. I generally release meaningful, heartfelt songs but I was determined to write something a little more out of my comfort zone so that I could show how diverse I can be with my music.

What was it like working with Bobbi Smith and Shawn Moore to bring this vision to life?

I wrote “Kiss Strangers” with Bobbi Smith and David Borys, and Shawn Moore produced the song. Writing with Bobbi and David is always a great experience. We've written two other songs since, and each time we write together, it always feels so natural. Bringing this song to life went really smoothly. Usually, a song changes in so many ways when you're in the studio creating, but this song turned out exactly the way I had envisioned. We recorded the instrumentals at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, ON, and working in that recording studio always feels so magical.

In your own words, what does your audience have to look forward to with your forthcoming album release?

My audience can look forward to an album that they can really connect with lyrically. An honest story and music that truly means something has always been so important to me as a writer and artist, and that is why I'll be calling the album "Stealing Hearts." It will be a collection of my favorite songs that I have written over the past few years, whether it makes you cry, or makes you smile I truly hope that these songs steal your heart.

How does your growth into this new sound feel to you? How has the process been, and do you think it's beneficial for where you want to go as an artist?

I wouldn't say that “Kiss Strangers” is exactly my "new sound." I think that it just shows how diverse I can be as an artist and that's beneficial. I still want to stay honest with myself and in the music that I'm creating. I think that this single just shows that I can still be me, even if I'm adding a modern touch to my sound.

What's next for you?

I am currently working toward completing all ten songs on “Stealing Hearts”, and I can't wait to slowly unravel the creative process and share it with you!

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