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Emily Gabriele Packs A Relatable Punch in Her Sophomore Album, 'Omega Man'

Photo by: Constantine Poselski

Hailing from New York City, singer-songwriter and versatile pop recording artist Emily Gabriele grabs our attention in her new coming-of-age 8-track album entitled 'Omega Man.'

Emily Gabriele has created a very distinct pop sound. Think Olivia Rodrigo meets Alanis Morissette. Having performed at iconic NYC venues like Pete's Candy Store, Arlene's Grocery, Rockwood Music Hall, and Bowery Electric, Gabriele is ready to continue broadening her fanbase with kickass live shows and equally compelling releases.

Now, Emily Gabriele expands her discography with her latest addition, the personal and reflective 8-track album, 'Omega Man.'

The album begins with the introductory track, "Freedom," kicking off with a groovy and foot-stomping alternative rock instrumental and Emily Gabriele's powerful melodic vocals. As she begins vocalizing how she doesn't want to drag someone down and be their ball and chains, Gabriele makes her way to the chant-worthy hook and reminds us that freedom is worth the fight. We love this anthemic and heavy intro track; it perfectly sets the album's tone and prepares us for the exciting listening experience.

Onto track number two, "No Mind," the alternative rock energy continues through smooth acoustic and electric guitars alongside downtempo drums and Emily Gabriele's chilling vocal harmonies. She takes us through quite a reflective piece that discusses paying no mind to the turmoil, or in this case, the flames, around you. There's a certain comforting Sheryl Crow feel about this piece, bringing us the nostalgia of 00s pop alongside some personal and heartfelt messages.

Moving into the third track, "Talking to Strangers," Emily Gabriele opens the song with her muffled vocals and instrumentals that groove into a lighthearted and uplifting sound. As we move through the verse, Gabriele ramps up the energy with some exciting alternative pop instrumentals while vocalizing her pain after realizing she's said too much. Although Gabriele's lyrics are rather personal and vulnerable, we can't help but tap our feet to these groovy and lighthearted instrumentals.

Reaching the album's halfway point with "Legs," Emily Gabriele leads us into one of the album's most sensual and soulful pieces. The track kicks off with a plucky electric guitar, downtempo drums, and a bright background organ alongside Emily Gabriele's expressive and charismatic vocals. While singing about not forgetting the harsh words someone said, she curls up into a ball and hides behind her "Legs" in hopes of lessening the burden she carries. We adore this expressive and dynamic track; it might be our favorite on the album.

The album's fifth track is the 12-second interlude, "Pretty Neat, Huh?." This interlude features nothing more than a bright guitar strum and a child in awe of the sound she's created while what sounds like her father gives her a pat on the back. It offers hints of precious memories that Emily Gabriele holds dear to her heart.

Jumping into the sixth track, "Haunted," the song slowly expands with emotional and airy pads that lead into delicate piano melodies and Emily Gabriele's cathartic vocals. As she touches on feeling haunted by an emotional situation and counting the kitchen tiles or cleaning the bathroom to pass the time, she launches her chilling instrumentals through our speakers to complete the overall vulnerable atmosphere. We're sure any listener can relate to Emily Gabriele's lyrics of feeling haunted and burdened by personal situations that you can't control.

Reaching the album's seventh track, "Tobacco Leaves," we're met with glimmering background pads that slowly lift the song into a bright and soothing atmosphere with powerful piano melodies and Emily Gabriele's comforting vocals. As she makes her way through this emotional piece, Gabriele touches on themes of grief and checking her pulse to ensure she's alive and well. The song's instrumentals offer this sweet and harmonious alternative pop sound that gives Emily Gabriele's lyrics tons of emotional depth.

Landing on the album's eighth and final track, "Integrity, Man," we jump into this exciting and upbeat tune through Emily Gabriele's bright vocals alongside her punchy drums and plucky guitars. Gabriele uses this track to express how some people are up to no good and how she's jealous of how others can be so careless. This song is incredibly cathartic; we can tell Gabriele wrote this piece when someone let her down. Her catchy melodies and lyrics close the album and remind us not to put our trust in people who won't have our backs.

This was such a personal and vulnerable album, packed with tons of emotion and relatable themes that any listener can relate to. Take a deep dive into the world of Emily Gabriele with her sophomore 8-track album, 'Omega Man,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Emily Gabriele. We're thrilled to feature such a relatable and honest album like 'Omega Man.' What initially inspired you to create this dynamic record? What experiences led you to the studio?

Thanks for having me. Life inspired me to create “Omega Man.” The album is a collection of songs that explore coming-of-age themes like relationships and grief. The entire project was created remotely during the pandemic in collaboration with UK-based producer Chris Clarke.

Could you expand on the overall concept or theme within your album 'Omega Man'? Who is the 'Omega Man,' and what significance does that title hold?

Sure. Omega Man was what my Dad’s childhood friends used to call him. He was a source of truth and ethics among his peers. They would be playing baseball in the street and get into an argument on whether a ball was in or out of bounds. They would then decide they should go ask my Dad, aka ‘Omega Man,’ to settle the score. I learned of the nickname and the story behind it from one of his lifelong friends at this funeral.

What was your favorite part about creating the 'Omega Man' album? What experiences did you appreciate most?

I really appreciated the collaboration. Chris Clarke, who produced the entire album, worked with me virtually. We spent a lot of time on Zoom working on each song. Our sessions and time together were a cornerstone of how I experienced the pandemic. Not only is Chris a talented producer and musician, but he is also a wonderful guy. He’s positive, funny, and encouraging. I am so grateful for his creative partnership and to have worked with him to bring ‘Omega Man’ to life.

Which song from 'Omega Man' is the most personal to you and why? What makes you so drawn to that piece in particular?

All of the songs are personal to me – I wrote them! The song that breeds the most vulnerability is “Haunted.” It’s the first song I wrote shortly after the Father died. Sonically, I think it comes across differently than the other songs on the project.

What do you hope the 'Omega Man' album does for listeners? Do you hope they can relate or find peace of mind after listening?

I hope that ‘Omega Man’ tells a story that listeners enjoy and want to revisit. Whether you listen to “Freedom” with the windows down while you’re cruising on a highway, “Tobacco Leaves” on your evening walk, or “Talking to Strangers” when you’re cooking dinner, I hope listeners continue to listen and enjoy.



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