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Eminencee Compels His Listener With His Record “HISTORY”

Born and raised Houstonian (Houston, Texas) former football player Eminencee played some time overseas, also transitioned from a drug dealer to a athlete now he is sharing his experience his views and experiences, lyrical bomb threat who is lead by his faith very similar to a conscious rapper touches on a lot of subjects from world views his stance in his journey different perceptions relatable view points has a message for the masses.

Eminencee released a lo-fi elemental hip-hop and rap record, titled “History”. “History”  begins with an instant peaceful introduction, thanks to the groovy bass, and calming aura surrounding it. Eminencee is not your typical rapper, and he moves “History” in a more consciously driven approach. “We’re going down in history, it’s not a mystery” was the leading hook in this single , and we personally loved it. It was witty, and slightly charismatic, but gave the song its meaning. From this hook, I was able to interpret the possible theme of “History”.  “History” is a lyrical masterpiece, thanks to the spiritual and wordplay leader, Eminencee. It’s a matter of exploration with “History”. Close your eyes, turn on this record, and just listen to the lyrics, and you will feel yourself being moved by the direction the song is going. As the record ends, Eminencee leaves his listener with a motivational dialogue. Staying true to who you are, and simply being your authentic self. This created an inspirational and touching dimension to the beautifully delivered rap record.  Eminencee is an iconic lyricist who has a lot to offer with his wordplay, melodic beats, and consistency. He is truly an artist to be on the watch for.

Listen to "History" here, and scroll below for Eminecee's exclusive interview with us at BuzzMusic!

Knowing you’re a conscious rapper, do you listen to conscious rap only? Or do you expand your subgenres of hip-hop when listening?

The more I’ve grown I gravitated to conscious rap more, but overall I love crazy world play top notch lyricism, poetry etc ...Im not a fan of lazy bars or lack of effort versus. I love complex versus from when you listen years down the line and you’re still amazed. Yes and no I’m not a fan of mumble rap but some stuff does get you hype. I dibble and dabble with hardcore rap from the golden era early 2000’s Or earlier prior just depends the mood. 

Tell us about your EP, “SoulSome”. What was the theme behind the EP?

Soulsome ep was my second project I wanted it to be a soulful jazz poetic feel. I wanted it to have a thief to king story line (redemption) mainly to capture on accepting the deck of cards you’re handed and working them to your benefits triumphing your situation with highs and lows of life that are presented to expecting a greater outcome in hue god battles with many emotions doubt, fear, anger, loneliness, that we all endure.

How does “History” fit into the meaning of “Soulsome”?

History is basically based off of a individual doubting my craft ,forget my past forget my failures forget all the times I fell down I’m in a new lane now let’s make history and change the world.

What inspired you to write “History” ? how do you relate to this record?

What inspired history?! that’s a good question I’ve been a under dog my whole life and I built up a love for it,it will be only so long until you appreciated what I worked for. I relate with history because I am history and the future is putting real life situations and making stories thoughts experiences and etc.

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me is I have so much music in store I have four future projects 3 in 2020 coming out, I’m releasing my debut album elevation at the end of the summer which will be crazy each project you will here growth, and progression you will get a different storyline a different movie each art piece so stay tuned. 


Keep updated with Eminecee via the artists Instagram!


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