Emma Madison Let's Us Know, "It's Christmas"

Hailing from Southern California, 15-year-old Emma Madison is establishing her name as a multi-talented musical artist and actress distributing inspirational messages of self-love and female empowerment through original melodies.

Emerging with a fiery passion at a young age for her natural gift towards music, Emma Madison’s talents come in all forms of artistic expression.

In the Acoustic-Indie sound that Emma Madison has developed through her wide range of musical inspirations, 2020 has been a successful year for this young and promising artist. Releasing the charismatic slow-tempo messaging in, “Stars,” Emma Madison sinks into the talents she executes effortlessly.

In August, she approaches a sizzling vulnerability in her tones with, “Fire,” as she continues to use her unmatched work-ethic to deliver her listeners more content in 2021. Before she exits this year, Emma Madison wants to remind her audience that she has a gift for them this Christmas season. “It’s Christmas,” adds that spark of joy that enhances the jolly time of year through all the chaos of 2020.

Gentle elements cascade upon us as we commence the sparkling hope that the, “It’s Christmas,” instrumentation carries forth. Bringing a sense of nostalgia to the minds of her listeners, Emma Madison highlights her most precious moments that she holds close to her in family traditions and golden flashes.

Through the angelic expressions that are presented to us with bells on, Emma Madison allows us into her warm, sonic embrace throughout the entire heartfelt composition. The manner in which she dedicates pieces of herself to the melodies she carefully crafts has us in awe as we fully embrace the sonic voyage and vivid imagery that Emma Madison so delicately allows us to feel.

Draped in a blanket of Christmas spirit, “It’s Christmas,” has us wanting to learn all of the lyrics so we can sing this hit for seasons to come. As we gear up to spend these beautiful times, perhaps a little different than we’re used to because of Covid-19, one thing stays certain, Emma Madison’s talents are timeless and she is only getting started.

Flourishing with her natural talents and undeniable work-ethic, the brilliance behind her music has us feeling joy all year round.

It’s always a pleasure when we get to chat with you, Emma Madison! Congratulations on the wonderful year! As an artist, what kept you inspired throughout 2020?

Thank you so much for having me again! Honestly, 2020 was really tough. But, even though I often found myself struggling to find motivation, music really pushed me through. Whether I was writing my own songs or listening to my Spotify playlists, music is just so inspirational and beautiful. I can’t imagine where I would be without it.

Were there any learning curves that you had to face head-on and overcome this year?

One of the main things I had to push through this year was distance learning. Making the switch to online classes made retaining information difficult and often frustrating. I’ve had to utilize a ton of supplemental resources I found online, and come up with creative ways to stay motivated.

What themes and messages are you hoping to capture in, “It’s Christmas”? It definitely has us feeling festive!

I’m glad to hear that! I wasn’t going for anything super deep or complicated with this song, the writing process was mainly just me blurting out things I loved about Christmas when I was younger. My main goal was just to capture those feelings of excitement and anticipation kids feel around the holidays.

How is the creative process different when approaching a holiday song versus other releases?

I really enjoyed writing this song because often the most difficult part of songwriting for me is just coming up with ideas. With It’s Christmas, the main idea of the song was a given, which made getting started easy. There is also less pressure when writing holiday songs, I don’t find myself feeling pressured to write about something complex or groundbreaking, it’s just fun!

Besides singing and songwriting, you hold many musical talents! Could you please tell listeners what other talents you hold within?

I’ve never been the type of person to find only one thing I enjoy and stick with it forever, my philosophy more follows the idea that you will never know if you’re great at something until you try it, so why not try everything? While I focused on piano and guitar, since I got into music I have picked up the trumpet, ukulele, clarinet, harmonica, recorder, violin, and likely more than I am forgetting.

With a wide range of musical influences including, Rap, Pop, and Opera, how do you allow these genres to speak into the creations you place forth?

I think my influences are more subconscious than intentional. I never go into writing with the intention of emulating a certain genre or artist, but when I look back at my songs I can definitely see these influences pop out in places.

As one who is fortifying their foundation as you establish your name; how do you feel as an artist going into 2021?

I feel pretty good! I’ve been working on some fun stuff, and I have high hopes for 2021. It’ll be tough, but I have a feeling 2021 will be a year of recovery for everyone.