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Emma McDonald Drops An Anthem For Outsiders With “I’m Bored”

Vibrating our speakers with a loud and clear message is singer-songwriter and alternative recording artist Emma McDonald with her latest single, "I'm Bored."

It's not every day that we come across an artist who's not as 'keen' on the party life as the rest. But rest assured, Emma McDonald is here to tell you that it's perfectly fine to enjoy a comfy night in than a loud night out with strangers. Influenced by Lizzy McAlpine, Noah Kahan, Lady Gaga, and Nirvana, Emma McDonald offers a unique sound with lyrics for those who never really felt like they fit in.

In her recent single, "I'm Bored," Emma McDonald takes this theme up. It's not some blasé, hanging around the house type of bored — it's the boredom of feeling out of place in social settings and like you're just tagging along. In 2024, songs like these are few and far between, but we're incredibly grateful that Emma McDonald shines a light on the topic.

Exploring "I'm Bored" further, the experience opens with dreamy and sultry electric guitar melodies alongside a haunting acoustic guitar and Emma McDonald's equally haunting vocals. While expressing how she always tags along to parties and realizes how fake people can be, she reassures herself that staying home is probably the better move. But, alas, she's here, and she's bored.

As the song expands with a subtle country twang and a heavy grunge undertone, Emma McDonald encourages listeners to embrace feeling like outsiders and stand firm in their beliefs. It's an anthem about the experience of feeling out of place, enhanced by dynamic instrumentals that bring the message home loud and clear: it's okay to stay home.

Let Emma McDonald empower your decision-making with her latest single, "I'm Bored," now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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