Emmeffe Creates a Canvas with the Elemental Single “Voyage”

Some music has this rare characteristic to themselves that captures us with the moment. Instrumental music is the best to do this, and "Voyage" by the phenomenal Emmeffe is a quality example. The production in "Voyage" had these otherworldly elements that created this unique, intricate and even futuristic atmosphere. This could be thanks to Emmeffe’s skilled background in instrumentation. After studying classical piano, he devoted himself to musical harmony and theory, the use of synthesizers and the study of rock, pop and funk guitar. While listening to "Voyage", you feel as if you’ve entered the song and is on a personal journey to explore.

"Voyage" is the perfect traveling song. The entire arrangement of this record emphasizes our nomadic spirits. While listening to "Voyage" you become more curious, complex, and absorbed into the song and your personal story. Music like "Voyage" is super dope to me because it lays the canvas for what we want the record to be. The background instrumental is just setting the foundation for us to paint our own storyline to the music. These different elemental positionings help us get as creative as we can possibly get. It’s quite hard for music without vocals and lyrics to get their point across, however, for “Voyage” it’s an instant attention-grabber.

You can listen to “Voyage” by Emmeffe here!


Welcome to BuzzMusic Emmeffe! Talk to us about your upbringing and background

I grew up with music. Since I was a child, I have taken up playing quite a few musical instruments. After studying classical piano, I focussed my attention on harmony, music theory, the use of synthesizers and studying pop, rock and funk guitar.

What was the biggest driving force for you to pursue music and why?

Unlike now, when I started playing not many kids used to learn to play an instrument, found bands or give concerts. Besides my strong passion for music, being a musician was then actually something unique and unconventional, especially in the small country town where I was born.

In your own artist’s perspective, what was the theme for “Voyage”?

Travelling always implies that you are slightly different from your old self when you come back. I have always associated the idea of change and rebirth to voyages. So, ‘Voyage’ is simply an invitation to close your eyes and being swept away by the music, each in their own personal voyage.

Can you detail some of the arrangements you sought in “Voyage”?

In a voyage, there is a start, a movement, some breaks, a destination, and a homecoming. In Voyage each of these moments is represented by a section: intro, verse, break, chorus, outro. In defining the sound I have used some sounds referring to far East, others evoking a sensation of infinite space ‘where everything moves, floats and changes to reach the surface and begin a new cycle’.

What can be the most challenging aspect of creating instrumental music and why?

In the absence of words, instrumental music can be easily associated with images. This confers great freedom to the listener since every individual is unique and everybody can awaken his or her own (unique: ma superfluous) imagination through music.

What are you looking forward to in 2020 Emmeffe?

In October 2019 Trust, my first album came out. I am now working on the new tracks for my second album, which will be published in 2020.