Emotion Ruled by Beauty and Brains, Big Badd Wolf Hypes Up His "Bae"

Texas-based recording artist, rapper, and lyricist Big Badd Wolf is ready to have his listeners take a dive into the sultry new single, “Bae (She’s All That).”

Channeling his vast array of musical influences, Big Badd Wolf is known for the creativity he exudes in a way to elevate his skill set. Beginning his musical career as a drummer in high school, Big Badd Wolf has learned to establish his rhythm as he has developed his singing, rapping, and songwriting abilities through the years.

Touching on an intimate soundscape of his latest single, the charismatic persona of Big Badd Wolf illuminates through the layers of musicality that drip from “Bae (She’s All That).” The empowering tone that Big Badd Wolf exemplifies is prevailing upon impact. You’re immediately hooked on the scorching narrative that is unraveled through the surge of confidence emitted in the tonal distinction heard. Pairing the unmatched vocal performance with the bass-forward instrumentation, you find yourself lured into an enticing atmosphere dissecting the emotions displayed through enigmatic lust. “Bae (She’s All That)” portrays glowing illustrations as we traverse through witty lyrics flaunting the ingenious dexterity that Big Badd Wolf has on lock. With the storytelling being sprawled into various sections of the infatuation that Big Badd Wolf has for the apple of his eye, we feel a personal connection to the story being exposed.

Harmoniously revealing a side of himself that drips in sensation, Big Badd Wolf has us singing along to the lyrical motif of “Cause you’re all that and a bag of chips.” Always allowing his creations to sky-rocket, the ceiling has blown off of the building when Big Badd Wolf is around.

We always love seeing what you’re up to with your artistry. Could you please take us into the creative process that fashioned the tantalizing sound of “Bae (She’s All That)?”

Thank you so much! I'm always happy to share it with y'all! It really all started when I first heard the instrumental, and almost immediately started singing the "All That" theme song from the 90s sketch comedy show. Once I caught that vibe, everything else came together.

How do you find that this single holds up to a record like “Cry Wolf,” or any other song in your musical catalog?

I feel like it's the absolute natural progression from my past singles and style. Hopefully, it shows my growth as an artist. My past singles were meant to entice new listeners to explore my work, and this one is supposed to compel them to continue listening.

We know how much you love focusing on the words that you craft. Do you have a favorite lyric from “Bae (She’s All That)?”

I really love the opening lyrics. They bring you right into the setting of the track. However, my favorite lines have to be:

"Girl you're the sh*t

& I won't let you forget

Cuz you're all that & a bag of chips" because they're all the way 90s."

You have experience with creating singles and albums. We’re sure that the creative process varies depending on the project. At what point do you know a song is complete?

That's easy! You know a track is ready when it's a vibe. When I play it, and can't help but jam out. It takes some patience and tweaking, but it's always worth it once it's finished.

What can listeners expect to hear next from you?

This single is the first look at my new EP titled: "Naked Truths". It's going to be a short, and sweet project that'll hopefully be played while everyone is out on their adventures this summer!