Emotions Over Pour With 3ritain's Wistful Delivery of New Song, "Endlessly"

Eclectic mastermind, 3ritain delivers a quintessential soundscape with his latest single, “Endlessly.”

3ritain, an otherworldly singer who incorporates multi-dimensional elements into his songwriting, targets the emotions of soul pouring adoration with his newest release. His writing attests to the fact that he is a master wordsmith and transports you on a sonic voyage through the progression of the song.

As an artist establishing his name in the music industry, “Endlessly,” captures a cinematic sound that helps you dive deeper into the inner workings of 3ritain’s soul as a creative.

“Endlessly,” is an auditory announcement for anyone looking for an earnest and empowering take on this ballad that reflects on heartbreak and the predicaments of modern love. Through the blissful utopia that 3ritain creates this song paints a picture of enduring, overcoming, and persevering in the face of obstacles throughout this thing we call life. “Endlessly,” meets the range of sentiments and real-life experiences we feel as human beings.

The striking vocals that are displayed add a charismatic flair to 3ritain’s ability to blend genres while showcasing his talents as a defined lyricist.  Between the sensational vocalization, desirable chord progression, and rhythmic elements, you can’t help but effortlessly flow into the ambiance that is predetermined.

With each emotion exuded through the passionate harmonies 3ritain lays out, every well-crafted lyric written reveals an earnest and poignant sound that carries an energy of healing, a cathartic sound that pours out like waves of ecstasy.

3ritain’s, “Endlessly,” acts as a sonic meditation on the complexities of love, romance, heartbreak, and deeper ruminations and existential reflections as he transports us to his galaxy of creativity.

With such a heartfelt ode to the complexities of love in this life, how much of “Endlessly,” is based on real-life experience?

I stopped writing fiction years ago. I found it hard to relate to the songs that I wrote from a place of imagination and I figured if I couldn’t relate to the music then the listener would share the same difficulty. Endlessly, as with all of my music, is based on my experiences in life and love. I wrote this song while with my Lover and although we have since parted ways I’ve learned that Love is eternal energy. It’s not something that just comes and goes, but rather comes and is transmuted based on the evolution of it.

Love is the source of energy of the Universe and can not be diminished. It can not die. Life is a true journey of discovery and if you ever have the opportunity to experience Love then you have been blessed. This song is a snapshot of having to journey through life as a Black man in America while also juggling the waves of being a Creative, attempting to maintain love, accomplish goals and secure a life partner. “If I can make it through the red-blue lights, still have time to find love tonight...”

What would you like listeners to take away from “Endlessly?"

I always want the listener to take away whatever resonates with them. I feel like I am a mirror and when the listener experiences the song I want them to experience themselves as a whole. I’ve learned that even though circumstances Love remains. My goal is to always be as transparent as water. When you stand over clear water you can see your reflection. I pray you find yourself in my music the way that I did.

Could you please take us into what the studio session looked like when creating, “Endlessly?"

I still work as a Producer and Songwriter for other artists and this track wasn’t originally intended for me. I created the music for an artist who was working with Roc Nation. We were all staying in a mansion in D.C. working on their project and when I played the track the artist felt it wasn’t really for them and passed on the track. We ended up working on another track I made. I was happy with this decision because I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the track that became Endlessly.

The studio was set up in the theatre room of the house. Everyone eventually went to their rooms and went to sleep. I stayed awake. When I’m recording for myself it's generally just me in the room. I remember opening my laptop, setting up the mic, and as soon as the beat dropped with the guitars the first thing I said was “Man I’ve been my rights, still got time for a hell of a night”.

The reality of police brutality and excessive force was on my mind as well as my desire for lasting love and memorable life experiences. The song took shape from there. This song and all of the rest of my songs were conceived at the mic in real-time. I press record and start singing whatever I’m feeling until I have a song. Endlessly took about 20/30mins.

With each artist having a different creative process, what goes into yours?

My creative process is all feel. I’m always putting words together in my head during my waking life. Playing with different lines, patterns, entrances, etc. I’m inspired by my environment and the past, present & future events of my life. As I’ve grown as a songwriter I’ve learned to have a conversation through song, so my songs have evolved into me just talking in rhyme and trying to clearly convey whatever topic I’m addressing.

I play a lot of instruments so the music can start from anywhere. I may sit at the keys and play some chords or pick up the guitar and strum away. I may search for some folders for samples or loops as well. I know the stories I want to tell and the narrative of my character, so when I have something I feel musically the words just pour out. I started as a rapper and my ability to put rhymes together began there.

Once I became more comfortable with my singing voice, I redirected my rhyming into melodies and it became what it is today. Once I’m finished with the top line, I’ll dress the song with selective harmonies, and then I’ll finish out the music production. Once the production is finished I engineer, mix and finalize it into a record.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020, and what can we expect to see from you next?

2020 has been a journey back to self. At some point, I lost the grasp on who I was and got caught in the whirlwind of survival. I live in Los Angeles and after the split from my Lover and being laid off from the labor job, I had to spend most of the quarantine sleeping in my car or crashing on couches. I recorded songs in my driver's seat and living rooms.

The one thing that kept me inspired through it all was my future self. I knew I couldn’t let him down. I couldn’t let down my future fans. My legacy. This world needs healing and music is the best medicine, so I overdosed on my gift. I had vivid night dreams that felt more like premonitions and I knew I would make it through. But it had to start with me. No one else could get me to my destination.

I flew through the turbulence and found myself on the other side of the clouds. As far as what to expect next, I can’t really say. I’ve learned the power of now and being in this moment. There is an album on the way, but until I release it I expect to grow daily and continue my personal ascension. So cheers to the future. Let’s discover it together.