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Encore Debuts New Single "Tell Me"

February 21, 2020

Welcome, Encore! What a whirlwind the past year must've been for you guys debuting your sound with multiple single releases! How does the group feel with everything that has progressed with your sound up until this point?

Hey! Super happy to be back here and chatting with you guys again, it’s been too long. We’re feeling pretty good about everything that’s been going on recently, focusing on what type of music we like to make and spending the time to get it sounding just how we want it. Since our last release of “Cross the Line,” we’ve worked on recording the next wave of our music and are so excited that it’s finally here and we’re able to share it with everybody.

Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Encore is known to be a band creating a refreshed and multi-faceted sound. Are you able to describe to our readers how you construct your music in order to achieve this diversified sound?

I love this question. The way we make our music actually varies a lot depending on the song itself. Our lead singer Donald Plant writes and records the majority of our music, but in recent times we’ve all been working together to try and escalate our writing to the next level. Often, songs will really come alive in the studio when we can get more creative and experimental, but it is always very important to have a good song at the core, so starting with just a piano or guitar can be crucial to any song’s success. Since we all have different musical influences that also helps a lot with diversity and gives us the ability to merge genres together!

Your most recent release, "Tell Me", blends together a multitude of soundings, which produces an eclectic and contemporary pop sound. What were the primary visions for this song? How would you say the initial vision ended up changing as you went to both create and record the track?

When first starting to write “Tell Me,” it began similar to many of our other pieces, with just a guitar and a few vocal melodies. The real meaning behind this track is about the curiosity of a dying flame, and how things in any relationship can slip away in such a short amount of time. The song itself was written and recorded in just four days, spending over sixteen hours each day trying to shape it into the most authentic and unique sound it could have. It changed lyrically quite a bit over the four days, as we focused on drafting out the best melodies and ensuring the vocals would flow and all compliment the chorus at the same time. One of the biggest changes we added into the production was in the chorus, where we layered vocals and went for a bit more of an edgy emotional style of singing, complimenting the song and its meaning.

Your tour success straight out of high school must've been incredibly rewarding! Let's dive deeper into your performances. How is it that each of you feels the performances execute for Encore? Do you feel that the band collectively connects with the crowd in an effortless way?

Our live show is something that we pride ourselves on and have worked to develop and make it as strong as we can. From the time the band was formed we focused on developing our skills as musicians, so having the tour right as we graduated really solidified and further developed our chemistry as a group. When planning for a performance, one of our main goals is to interact with the crowd by providing the best show possible. Drawing inspiration from some of the best entertainers to ever hit the stage such as Prince, Aerosmith, and Bruno Mars, we have formed a high energy pop/rock show where we connect with the audience and find ways to make it memorable for all.

Thanks for chatting, Encore! We're happy we got the chance to talk more on your advancing sound. What's the next vision for Encore, and where is the band headed musically now?

Moving forward, we will continue to release the new launch of music we’ve been working on, starting with a music video for our new single ‘Tell Me.” Set to debut in the coming weeks following the initial release of the track, the video is a perfect representation of the meaning behind the song and is our first official music video so we are ecstatic to share it! Following the first few releases, we’ll be hitting the road this summer for a festival tour across North America, playing the new tracks and further developing our live performance ability.

Thank you so much for having us, we’ve enjoyed chatting about our new release and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on some of the future projects we’ll be announcing soon.

Listen to "Tell Me" here and connect with Encore on social media below!







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