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Encore’s Latest Pop Hit “Cross The Line” Will Make You Get Up And Dance

Encore was formed to bring a new wave of pop to Canada. Developing a fan base through live performance, a strong social media presence and their ability to connect with their fans, Encore is on the rise. Band leader, Donald Plant began writing and performing music with his younger brother, Richard Plant, when they were in elementary school. The band has undergone various iterations, deciding on the name, ‘Encore,' in 2016 after the addition of their current bassist, Daniel Rafaelov. Encore presents a unique blend of funky bass lines, rhythmic and rocky guitar licks along with beats to get you off of your feet. 

Encore’s latest track “Cross The Line” brings a new sound to the pop scene merging vintage pop into the modern era. This track gives me serious boy bands vibes and I’m loving it. They truly embody their vintage sounds and blend it with a more contemporary sound. “Cross The Line” is about the trials and tribulations that come with a complicated relationship. Encore is done with the lies, this time this person has crossed the line. Encore is able to fuse powerful lyricism into catchy and infectious melodies. They curate tunes that their fans and all listeners can relate to but remain contagious pop hits. I highly recommend you listen to “Cross The Line” and the rest of Encore’s impressive repertoire. 

Check out “Cross The Line” here and read more below in our exclusive interview! 

Hey guys! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did Encore come to fruition? How did you create your stage name?

Hey! Thank you for having us, super glad to chat with you guys. Encore formed back in the fall of 2016, and has been together since. “Richard and I(Donald) had been in and out of a few different bands, but started to write a lot more original music and wanted to branch off a bit into our own direction. I was in the same high school as our current bass player, Daniel, and had known him for quite a while. I asked if he was wanting to join the new group, then we started rehearsing and really hit it off.” The actual band name ‘Encore’ was created when we were in the process of choosing a name for one of our older bands. We came up with over 200 names to choose from, but settled on Encore after seeing that at all of our shows, people would chant Encore over and over, and we just stuck with it since then.

Can you dive into more details about the lyrics in “Cross The Line”? What inspired this track?

Cross The Line was a song written about the hidden thoughts people get when you’re in a relationship. When you’re dating someone, every now and then you get a bad thought that something could be happening behind your back, and you sort of fear the unknown. Then it comes full circle and the person gets caught at the end. It turns around and changes from just having thoughts and worrying to actually realizing what happened and that the thoughts were a reality. What inspired this track was seeing how everyone has those thoughts, it’s totally unavoidable and sometimes they’re just in your head and other times the person gets caught.

What’s your writing process like together? How did you come together to write "Cross The Line"?

I, (Donald) actually do most of the writing myself. Sometimes with Daniel, Rich, or Zach, they’ll come with a bass line or a guitar lick or a beat, then we take it from there and elaborate on what else we can add to the track. For Cross The Line, I wrote it when we were in Toronto during our tour, I was really into the descending bass line and started to work with that, then once I had an idea of how it would sound I wrote the rest of the track. Before it was produced, we had performed it quite a few times so going into the recording was really easy because it was already sort of done, we just had to lay down the tracks for it.

For someone who hasn't seen you live, what's your live show like?

Our live show has changed a bit over the last couple years, so if you haven’t seen us live I would definitely say it’s an upbeat dance type of show. We want to get people moving and on their feet, so they have a good time sharing the music with us! During the show, we always like to sample a new song that hasn’t been heard or released yet, so we can see what the crowd thinks of the new track. Lots of singing along, and getting the crowd involved are a few things to expect when you see us live!

What’s next for Encore?

Right now we’re in the process of finishing up production on new music, we’re going to follow up “Cross The Line” with something we’re really excited to share! For the summer, we’re going to be recording as much as we can, then in the latter half of this year, and early next year, we’ll be releasing some new music and music videos as well. Moving forward, we are focusing on releasing music that we can share with our fans and enjoy playing live, so it’s gonna be a great time! 


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