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End Summer Off With a Bang From Bust-R & Sharif D's Single, "All on Me (feat. Ido)"

Giving you a fresh take on house music, artist and producer Bust-R teamed up with Sharif D to create a pop-inspired tune titled, "All on Me (feat. Ido)." Inserting vibrant chords and piano melodies into his music, Bust-R has seen incredible success through his recent singles and gained support on his original tracks from artists like David Guetta, Don Diablo, Sam Feldt, and many more.

His latest single "All on Me (feat. Ido)" gives the listener a musical masterpiece to lose themselves in. Bust-R and Sharif D's collaboration with the help of vocalist Ido has made this song one of the most irresistible, energetic, and groovy summer tunes we've heard this season.

"All on Me (feat. Ido)" starts with celestial instrumentals that drift into the abyss, accompanied by Ido's bright and lively vocals that sing a passionate tale. As the production begins to swell, we're met with an intoxicating saxophone solo that shifts into the track's build and leads to the bouncy beat drop. The underlying production and arrangement by Bust-R and Sharif D keep the track soaring through time and space, especially with each textured layer of synths, drums, pads, and intriguing basslines. It would be an understatement to say that Bust-R and Sharif D have created a bop with "All on Me (feat. Ido)," as the track screams summer love with a side of optimism.

How did you and Sharif D begin your creative process with "All on Me (feat. Ido)"? Which fundamentals did you lay down first to solidify the song's core?

In this instance, a lot of the track started from my end with the intent of getting Sharif to write a sax hook. Predominantly it was just some piano chords, guitar, and vocals from iDo. Sharif was apart of the creative journey from the start and I made sure there was a lot of space for him to write a good sax part. The main thing we tend to focus on in all of our productions is making sure it has personality, I want people to feel something when they listen to it. Adding sax gives it that point of difference and to be honest, I've never heard someone say they don't like sax haha so I think we'll keep rolling with it until then.

How did you come across working with vocalist Ido for the single, and when did you and Sharif D know that you wanted his vocals to feature on "All on Me (feat. Ido)"?

Well funnily enough it started with the vocalist iDo, I sent him some piano chords and an idea of where I felt the track could go. He came back to me with a somewhat simplified chord progression, guitar track, and some demo vocals which actually ended up changing the whole direction of the track. I'd been wanting to work with iDo for some time, he has great vocal dynamics and his style suits my type of music. We teed up the collab through a mutual friend who is his manager and the rest was history. He is a great vocalist to work with and I couldn't speak more highly of him, he turned around his part in literally a couple of hours. I was blown away haha.

Within your single "All on Me (feat. Ido)," you and Sharif D tied in these brilliant brass elements that take the track to new levels. Why did you choose this particular pop-house sound with blistering brass?

So Sharif & I have done a few tracks together now, he's a good friend of mine and we live in the same city. We've played tonnes of livesets together (he is a professional live saxophonist) so we have a good grasp on what one another likes when it comes to making music. We kind of just wing most of our tracks (you should see how many versions of All On Me we have hahaha). I think we kind of just go with the flow and when something sounds great we just leave and try not to over perfect it. I think this style of track just kind of happened. We're happy with how it turned out though!

We've noticed that you've seen incredible success regarding streams and fanbase accumulation. How do you keep your audience returning regularly?

In all honesty, I think it just comes down to being transparent and working hard. I always make an effort to look out for my fans and reply to every message or email. A lot of artists contact me for feedback also so I try to help them wherever I can. I think that may help my success to some degree but it mostly comes down to the music I'm putting out. I've been extremely lucky to have almost all of my tracks signed to Central Station Records which is a prestigious label in Australia, it has many international connections and partnerships (Kontor Records to name one) that have helped get my music heard on such a broad scale. So I would say that's where the hard work comes into play, getting my music to a quality that labels like that want to release it.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Well, what a year 2020 has been right?! I've kept positive and used a lot of the downtime to get back into the studio and finish a lot of projects. What's really inspired me the most has been my partner. She's been so supportive of me and the love we have for each other has kept my drive in check. There is also, A LOT, of great music being released this year. Definitely can't help but take some inspiration from there also.



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