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Enter Into The Realm Of Agent07 But Make Sure You “Proceed With Caution”

Agent07 is a talented artist currently located in Los Angeles. He was born in Nigeria and raised in Italy which gives him a world view of music. He is a musician that not only writes for others but also writes and performs all of his own music. I would call his sound, alternative rap which gives you some alternative sounds with a rap overlay. He also has a brand, which he founded and created, called Vinero.

“Proceed With Caution” is one of those tracks that has an individual style and the production of the track is definitely done well. There is a strong key presence in the overall production work. The track is heavily layered with sounds from his 5 year old sister singing and talking throughout. Which I think gives the track a delicate yet impenetrable sound. Then as the song begins to close, it finishes hard with a gang of new sounds. Definitely a stand out type of track. to Agent07, you closed this case for sure as you “Proceed With Caution”.

Listen to “Proceed With Cautionhere.

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