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EP ALERT: Janice Lee Proves She's 'Brand New' in Her New EP

San Francisco synthpop singer/songwriter Janice Lee has been involved in the music scene for quite some time. Growing up in a musically-inclined family, Janice Lee was always appreciating sound and its varieties.

She seeks influence from artists such as Dua Lipa, CHIC, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Miley Cyrus, as she aims to construct a familiar, yet exclusive sound with her eclectic musical approach. Today, Janice Lee releases her EP, which features six tracks that contain a wide range of her thoughts, feelings, experiences, and hardships. With the intent of inspiring and uplifting many listeners, Janice Lee hopes to excite her listeners with the various messages and melodies conveyed in this elaborate EP of hers.

Janice Lee begins her EP with "Get Away," a song rooted in living within the moment. The narrative follows along with a couple that sneaks away from a gathering to enjoy the depths of their own company. Deeper valued connections get explored within this song, and Janice Lee brings an important narrative to light in terms of priorities. The emotion that Janice Lee packs into "Get Away" is what truly makes the song as affecting as it is, and that sweet storyline becomes even sweeter with the backing production. Janice Lee gave a real performance within this track and set her EP up in the perfect way, as listeners get an idea of what she has to offer.

"Get Away" had an extremely eclectic production, which was a factor in the song's allurement. Janice Lee knew what she was doing here, and the same kind of strategy was applied for the duration of her EP. Listeners may very well hone into the old-school, electronic style that Janice Lee pushes in "Get Away," and will continue to push for the majority of the songs present within this EP.

Janice Lee modulates her tone in the following track, "Wanna Be Alone With You," which encapsulates more of a glamour-pop flair from the artist. The overarching production maintains a peppy, charismatic flow, which fits right into the expected energy that Janice Lee delivers. "Wanna Be Alone With You" is a song about love, specifically, a yearning for a lover to come back. Themes of lust, amour, and affection get explored, and it's safe to say that listeners will understand Janice Lee in a more intimate sense upon listening to "Wanna Be Alone With You." The fourth track presented on Janice Lee's EP brings a twist and turn following "Wanna Be Alone With You."

We know that Janice Lee is "Never Gonna Stop," but we promise this track is a real show-stopper. There's quality energy to the song, meaning that the atmosphere she gives with the combined production and tonality is riveting. Janice Lee is poised and focused in "Never Gonna Stop," as this particular track is meant to be her mantra for her level of determination. She shares her focus and motivation with listeners in "Never Gonna Stop," all while simultaneously uplifting them. Letting everyone know that she intends to never stop, as her devotion to herself is strong and sturdy. She targets an inspirative narrative within this song, and listeners can easily pick up on the uplifting and spirited tones. Janice Lee's confidence pours out, as she sings "I'm not just anybody, I'm on my way to the top and I'm never gonna stop". Her innate passion unleashes a fiery and exuberant performance, and it's one we'll be remembering for some time.

Next up is Janice Lee's fifth track, "Remedy," which takes on a disparate approach compared to the other tracks we've heard so far. More solidified in the pop genre, "Remedy" gradually builds up its rhythm and pushes a feel-good atmosphere with its presented melody. "Remedy" underlines the difficulties surrounding overcoming a past relationship and Janice Lee is speaking on all those obstacles that can get in the way of pursuing something stronger and healthier. Nevertheless, Janice Lee continues to inspire with her narrative of inspiration and looking past such difficult situations to grow and achieve mental peace. "Remedy" was one of our personal favorites, as it hit a ton of those spots that spark genuine emotionality.

Lastly, Janice Lee presents her final track, "Burnin Up." This particular track speaks on a blossoming relationship, as well as the tribulations that can result from a new, flourishing connection once one party feels stronger than the other. Offering a ton of personal insight, "Burnin Up" was the perfect track to end Janice Lee's EP. Her lively, gallant intonation was extremely pleasant to be a part of for the duration of her EP, and we can't wait to continue to involve ourselves in her eccentric music style.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Janice Lee. What an EP you have constructed. How does it feel to finally release your work? What kind of response were you hoping to receive back from your listening base?

I honestly feel so relieved and proud now that the EP has finally been released. We worked really hard on it and put everything we had into this project. I spent a lot of time with my fiancé, Audiowavmusic, and LABHITS to get this tailored exactly right, and it has truly been a wonderful experience. We're all so thrilled to put this out into the world and share it with everyone. As far as audience response, I wanted to showcase my newly discovered sound more than anything. After taking the time to explore my niche, I'm really excited to share the kind of music I feel is most genuine to me while sharing relatable themes. The songs were intended to bond with my listeners and build an authentic kinship. I wanted to shed light on love, elicit a wide range of emotions paired with the desire to dance.

Where did the influence of the content within your EP come from? Is there a particular track that has more meaning to you, compared to others?

I was influenced by a bunch of music while writing this EP. I was listening to a lot of music all through the '60s up until today's modern music. I listened to Miley's Cyrus' "Plastic Hearts", CHIC, Elton John, Survivor, The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, Toto, etc at the time. The album is a mixture of everything I love and am inspired by and simply pieced all those feelings altogether. "Never Gonna Stop" holds the most meaning to me as this was the first completed song from the album, and the content really set the tone for my emotional and mental focus throughout the entire project. The groove, the uplift, and the overall vibe really inspired the rest of the album.

One of our personal favorites from your EP was "Remedy." The song held such a poignant tone and we were highly affected by its narrative. What kind of emotions and thoughts were you having upon the writing and recording for this song?

I tapped into my past experiences and drew from that place of reflection, and wanted to create a picture of the journey, a relatable picture for my listeners. I made sure to be absolutely descriptive and paint a connective visual with the lyrics but pair it with uptempo production. The conclusion to the song is ultimately about growth, self-love, and healing, so it was fun to combine two disparate themes and create something we all seem to love.

Were there any obstacles you encountered during the generation of your EP? How do you typically overcome obstacles within the creative stage of songs?

The biggest obstacle was the mixing phase of the project. I, of course, learned a lot and have developed my listening skills through this process. I wanted to make sure every part of each song was absolutely perfect, which made it hard to finally give myself the approval on the finished product. When it comes to obstacles within the creative stage, I find it best to simply step away and return to the project with a refreshed state of mind. The most important thing is to see the project through from start to finish, so there is a dedication to completion, and reminding myself that everything will come together in the end.

Can you describe the certain edge you feel your music has compared to other music within your genre?

I would say that the greatest edge I feel my music has is its commercial appeal, paired with its retro, 80s feel. We're not afraid to experiment with a variety of sounds, yet we're able to create a modernized version of what still feels throwback, but also signature.

What's next for you?

I have a music video coming out soon! The release should be within a month's time. The track will be a surprise, but I'm really excited to share my first music video with everyone.

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