Epsilon XI Releases Edgy Electronic Track “Defiance”

Damon Wall is the singer, songwriter, and producer of electronic music project Epsilon XI. Damon named the project after his and his late father’s constellations; the star Epsilon appears in both the Leo and Aries constellations. The number 11 represents the month that Damon’s late sister was born. Through his hardships, he has channeled his feelings and passion into creating electronic music. He just released his debut album called 'Utopia' which includes the edgy song “Defiance.” 

Epsilon XI's latest release “Defiance” has a high energy electronic background mix that could easily be a soundtrack to an action film. The futuristic sounds are paired with a traditional drum beat. At its initial moments, “Defiance” is completely electronic with upbeat energy. Epsilon XI then adds vocals into the mix which are sung in with minimal pitches. The similarity in the vocals throughout “Defiance” gives the song its continuity. With relaxed and quieter vocals, Epsilon XI spotlights the computerized instrumental production of “Defiance.” Throughout the track there are many moments that build up to a climax, then cease the music for a moment, and continue after to build its intensity. Lyrically, Epsilon XI sings about defying reality and the confines of what people consider to be normal. In general, “Defiance” is an edgy, futuristic song that will certainly capture the attention of dance music fans.

You can listen to "Defiance" here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Epsilon XI! With “Defiance,” you have created an original song like no other for electronic music fans everywhere. Can you tell us more about the message behind your lyrics?

I feel my song Defiance can be interpreted in several different ways. When I wrote this song it reminded me of my mother & my attitude towards her most of my life.  I wanted nothing more than to be nothing like her & to defy her whole way of life. I spent a lot of my childhood pretending things were ok at home, there were years of ups & downs. Sometimes I would feel secure & sometimes it felt like it was all falling apart. When I wrote "doubt creeps among the shadows / trustless hope growing shallow" it was referring to all the times I would hope my mother was going to keep her promises to me even though I had lost all faith and trust in her. Speaking about 'twisting normality / seizing all I have ever known" is about how I feel as though my childhood was twisted and was far from normal. Towards the end of the song, I tried to shift to a more positive message of being able to break free of the doubts & misery I had held onto for so long. Unfortunately, I feel like this is a situation a lot of people can relate to. I want them to be able to see that they are stronger than their pasts and they can defy and overcome where they came from.   

Most of your music is computerized and electronic. How did you come to discover your passion for producing this type of music?

I've always loved different types of music and I have wanted to play an instrument & write songs for years. After listing to several different electronic music groups, I found Tom Shear of Assemblage 23. His songs truly inspired me and I wanted to make the same kind of music. I found out most electronic bands are only one person, using multiple different instruments on a computer. I was thrilled when I was told my local music academy offered training in this type of music.  I am physically unable to play any instrument that requires two hands but this method allows me to create any sound I want. It also allows me to work at my own pace, taking my time to work on each song over and over until I am satisfied with it. 

Having lost both your father and sister and name your project to honor them, they clearly inspire your music. Can you tell us how these experiences have shaped you as an artist and a person, and how they influence your music?

Losing my father & sister was extremely hard especially at a young age. I think I turned to music as a kind of therapy to help me deal with those experiences. With music, I was able to express how I felt about my childhood and how far from normal it was, my parents & the loss of my family. My sister, Aja, also turned to writing to express herself. The lyrics for my song Trust are from one of her poems. It made me feel closer to her to be able to use it.  

“Defiance” is a single song from your debut album “Utopia.” Can you tell your fans what they can expect to hear from the rest of the album and how it compares to “Defiance?”

For this album, I tried to have songs that are a mixture of songs that are uplifting & that are about trying to find hope and others that have a downward spiral emotion. I think the songs on the rest of the album follow a similar lyrical pattern to Defiance. It has taken me three years to compile all of these songs into an album. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I am currently in the process of making another album. I am constantly learning new techniques and adding new sounds to my library.