Eric C Blesses Us With His New 'Quarantine Pack'

Eric C is a rapper and singer-songwriter born and raised in the city of Montreal. Growing up influenced by Hip Hop while coming from a Dominican descent, this artist's style is different from others in hip hop. With this upbringing, Eric C has acquired abilities to rap in English or Spanish, making him stand out from the crowd. Today, he brings us two songs from his 'Quarantine Pack' that compliment each other so creatively.

Starting with "Diary Log," we're introduced to an old-style piano riff that throws us into a fresh groove we weren't expecting but fell in love with. Eric C's rap flow drives this song with energy and feeling in every line. That piano hook keeps a substantial presence, but still, it allows the lyrics to shine through. Eric C raps, "Been under lots of pressure lately, and still, I'm writing this knowing that you won't relate." With this, we felt this track was written similarly to how you would write in your diary, making it a vulnerable song, but yet it grooves and makes you want to dance. The second song, "Moved On," takes a more modern spin on things. Eric shows us his deep understanding of rhythm that catches your attention. In this song, he breaks out into melody and a catchy one, too. Paired with lively synths, we felt Eric C's cultural impact throughout this song and certainly caught on to his seemingly innate strength in writing love songs. Eric C's 'Quarantine Pack' is full of catchy hooks and high flow you surely will not want to miss.

Listen to Eric C’s 'Quarantine Pack' here.


Hello Eric C! Welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved the style showcased all throughout your 'Quarantine Pack'. Where did the inspiration come from to create these tracks? Did you have any influences while making it?

The inspiration comes from different life experiences and things I was going through at the time, in the case of Diary Log specifically it was more the case of reminiscing about the past while trying to figure out a way to do better in the future. As far as influences go I listen to so much music and so many different genres that I pretty much pull from any and everything when I create my own music. 

What’s the meaning behind “Diary Log”?

When I wrote it the idea was to make it feel like a diary entry it is essentially me writing into my diary and letting things out I probably wouldn't under different circumstances but packaged into a song. 

Your influences include a lot of Hip Hop. Combined with your Dominican descent, how do you think this influences your musical style and artistry? How has it developed over time?

Growing up listening to Hip Hop just as much as Merengue, Bachata or even Salsa music allowed me to find a balance between being "lyrical" or super technical while also remembering that sometimes music is just meant to be fun which is why I try many different styles and why I can create a song like Moved On just like I can create one like Diary Log and it doesn't feel foreign to me, over time I've started blending in some Spanish into songs more prominently than I used to but I still record mainly in English

Do you have any ultimate goals in the music industry? Are any of them being worked on currently?

Yes well, my goal is to become the first urban artist from the city of Montreal to gain prominence on the world stage and open the door for other artists while also proving Latinos can make it in Hip Hop and be a high-level MC while at the same time being able to craft songs that can be enjoyed by people and have a catalog diverse enough where my music can be played in any setting. Currently, I am working on my first full-length album and doing features with people from around the city to gain more traction for the eventual release of my album.

What can we expect to see next from you?

A lot of new music being released each month whether it be singles or features leading up to the release of my album later this year.