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Eric Dixon Releases "This One’s For You"

Eric Dixon is a self-taught Nigerian-American singer, songwriter, and producer born in Baltimore, Maryland. Since he was 12, Eric had found peace and passion in music that helped him surpass the hard times and celebrate the good ones. Eric is a true artist who is sentimental and passionate. Eric feels and appreciates life on a deep level that make his music engaging, relatable, and emotional. Eric uses music to bring emotions to life and to create his own story. After 7 years of extreme focus to detail and learning curves, Eric released his first ever album titled "Live from Apartment 22”, named after the place that he lived. “Live from Apartment 22" is a product of Eric creating music based solely off how he felt in the moment because he wanted to keep it real as possible. On his album, Eric ensured to create music that he genuinely enjoyed, along with sounds that got him through the hardest of times, with the ideology that others could potentially enjoy them as well. 

“While I don't live at Apt 22 anymore, give it a listen, enjoy and make yourself at home.”

My favorite song from Apartment 22 is titled “This One’s For You”. This track is laid-back, cheerful, sets a chill vibe, all while being eye opening at the same time. Eric brilliantly incorporates a meaningful message within his catchy song.

 “A lot of pretty girls came to party tonight, go ahead have your fun, live your life, we only get one, we don’t get this twice.”

This verse demonstrates the importance to live life to the fullest and to live in the moment, which is something that Eric greatly values. This makes his song more appealing to me because of his honest and personal flair being added to the lyrics. Eric’s talent is raw and rare, which makes him a great artist to keep your eyes on for his future come up!

Listen to “This One’s For You” here and get to know more about Eric Dixon below!

Love the new single! What were your emotions while writing “This One’s For You”?

Traveling inspires me. For work I take the local public transportation and I travel back and fourth from Baltimore to NYC to see family. Riding a subway or bus and listening to music makes the mind wonder, and I see people from all walks of life going to the proverbial "A to B". "This One's For You" was inspired by just that....People...humans all dealing with different things but all living and migrating amongst each other. When I'm on a train and see a professional person in business attire, I wonder what they do,whats their goal or passion, how did their boss treat them that day etc....Seeing a bunch of high school kids and it reminding me of what it was like to be that young and full of life and ambition (I feel I still have that). Seeing a mother or father on the train with their child, making me think of the joy of taking care and raising my 7yr old son. Its beautiful when a trip inspires a whole song or just an idea. I love that "This One's For You" speaks to different groups of people, if not only for a moment. 

Is there a deeper meaning behind your track “This One’s For You”?

I just want people to know they matter, their stress matters, their idea's and passion's matter. I think especially in this day and age, there is alot going on in the real world and "online" , but what matters to me is knowing that their is still people who care about peoples general well being. Sometimes that gets lost in our day to day, I want people to know "This One's For You".

What makes you different than other artists?

Well I think all artists and humans have their own unique story to tell. I'm no different in that regard. But when it comes to creating and in life, I dont like to sound or be like the norm. If there is a sound in music that is the new "style" , I can appreciate it and enjoy it in some respects,  but I wouldn't want to replicate it. That's why music is so cool. We all use similar instruments and tools to create, but the end result is hopefully something unique and true to oneself. I'm a person with Albinism so I have always stood out, as a grown man now, I look back and think that has inspired me to stand on my own musically and create unlike the "norm". I'm thankful to be in that place.

How challenging was it to teach yourself to record and produce?

EXTREMELY! HAHA. Let me put this in perspective. Ive written songs since I was 11 but I never produced or composed the music. My brother bought Ableton for me as a gift as my first DAW, six years ago, it was like learning a completely new language as far as I was concerned. My son was almost a year old at the time and was saying his first words........7years later the album is out and my Son is old enough to listen and enjoy the music haha. Needless to say it took me a while in between normal life duties to record and produce my self in my apartment.

What's next for you through 2019?

SHOWS! SHOWS! SHOWS! I want to perform anywhere and everywhere who will have me. I have a couple idea's planned in the near future, but nothing set in stone. Anyone who hears my album and enjoys it, that would want to book me for a show or to open for them, I'm available. I love to perform for live audiences. Promoting my new album "Live From Apartment 22" is my main objective for 2019, it was a journey and experience to make, I want others to enjoy it also. I'm always creating new music as well. I hope to also release a few more songs before 2019 ends. To all those who see this interview, I hope you enjoy the music, share it with your friends and if you have a moment, tell me what you enjoyed most via social media.  


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