Eric Vattima is Passionate and Refreshing throughout New Single “Fade”

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Eric Vattima has been establishing his independent craft from the group up since he was a teenager. Graduating from Las Vegas Academy back in 2016, Eric set out to move to Nashville, TN, and continue figuring out his sound at Belmont University. Now with a slew of singles released, Eric Vattima has garnered himself a solid fan base and thousands of listeners and streams. His latest single “Fade” make Eric Vattima’s success all the more believable, just listen. 

The much anticipated single “Fade” is out now and available on all major streaming platforms. “Fade” makes for a stunning example of the kind of passion and weight that Eric Vattima pours into his music. Balancing the classic intensity of rock legends ofyesteryear and a decidedly refreshing, almost spoken-word vocals, the music builds up and envelops listeners in an incredibly immersive and memorable way. It’s been a while since an artist has lined up all of the elements to such an effective degree. That classic, hard-hitting escapism has finally returned while superb guitar work meets with incredibly appealing vocals that cut through the weight of the soundscape with relevant ease. Eric Vattima is insanely good at what he does and we looking forward to hearing more! 

Check out “Fade” here and read more below in our exclusive interview. 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Eric Vattima! We love your nostalgic sound! Can you tell our readers a bit about your approach to music and your sound?

Most of my sound comes from a blend of the stuff I listened to growing up. I was extremely into Rock and Alternative, so I’ve always had that kind of music in the back of my mind when looking at how I wanted my music to sound. I also spent a good amount of time in a Neo-Soul group back in Las Vegas, The Noir Movement, where I really got into more RnB/Soul and Hip Hop. Growing up, I was listening really to anything I could get my hands on as a kid. I’d just set my iPod to shuffle, and throw my headphones in. Sometimes it would be Jason Mraz, other times Kings of Leon, and then sometimes Dr. Dre, or even John Mayer. In the past year I’ve taken a lot of blues and rock influence into account when producing these songs, which has helped each song be different from the last. 

“Fade” is a completely captivating and versatile track. What was the writing/recording process like? Can you dive into some details about the lyrics?

Thank you! So I wrote this song back in 2018, originally, and revisited it earlier this year before recording it. The song was written as an archetype over the idea of a Gold and how it loses its value when it starts to fade. It got me thinking about how artists can get mistreated as the age in this industry, eventually getting tossed to the side as their new artist persona begins to fade, and we start to get tacked up to whatever fad we seem to be associated with musically. It’s hard not to get swallowed up by the business side of the industry, and forget who you are. I’ve had that fear in the back of my mind for the last few years. So I wanted to tackle it in a song, and that’s kind of how “fade” came to be. It also became more of a rock track because a professor of mine at the time told me that I should try going in the rock direction of music, so I figured “why not give it a shot.” It turned out to be a lot of fun, and that’s why I still do a lot more Rock Alternative these days. 

When we went to record the song, most of it ended up getting recorded out of a home studio set up, where i tracked a lot of guitar and vocals. Later on, my drummer, Arquel, tracked drums for it, and then a good friend of mine from my hometown, Michael Westlake, laid down bass on it. Once everything was done, my roommate, Dallas Jack, brought the song to life in mixing and mastering it. A lot of time went into the overall track, and it’s easily one of my favourite songs I’ve gotten to put out. 

How do you personally feel about live performance? Would you say that you prefer the live performance aspect of music more over the writing/recording process?

It’s so hard to have a preference of one over the other. I love the energy that comes from playing in front of a crowd. There’s nothing like it. It’s where you really get to test out how people feel about the music you make. Yet, there’s something therapeutic about spending hours in a studio pouring out passion into the records themselves. I’ve been finding it relaxing to spend so much time on the next EP I have coming out, but then it’s been even more fun to test out the unreleased songs at live shows. I thrive on hype crowds, or even find it to be a lot of fun walking into a room with people who have no idea who I am, and getting that crowd into the music I play. That comes from playing in Bars, Pubs, and Taverns along the South Jersey Shore growing up over summers. I used to play covers for a majority of 4 hour shows, and then sneak in my own original music wherever I could. It was nice, because it really teaches you how to read a room and build a crowd. Overall, I love both studio recording and live shows. 

What are some of your ultimate goals as an artist? Are any of these goals currently being put into place/being worked on?

I want to make it as far as I can, spend time on the road, and just build as much of an audience as I can. I want to see how far music can take me, and start to see more of the world beyond the United States in the next year. The band that has been built over the last year to play this music is incredible, and I’m so grateful for the musicians like Arquel and Nick Magasano who gave it a chance and have helped me build something I’m proud to show people. We’re waiting back right now to see if we can get on a few festivals for next year. In the meantime, just trying to book shows in Nashville, and other places in the South like Louisville, Memphis, Atlanta, and Knoxville to start getting a fan base. Currently, there’s another band project in the works as well that we’re all very excited to start releasing music for in the the coming year too. 

It was such a pleasure to feature your new music! What’s next for you artistically? 

I have one more single with Arquel coming out in a few weeks. Beyond that, I’ll drop the first two singles from my sophomore EP, “Fears,” by the end of the year, with a full release on the EP in the beginning of 2020, January to be more specific. Fears explores a lot more of the Rock and Alternative Hip Hop side of music that I want to explore. Later on next year, I’m hoping to put out my first collaborative mixtape and keep releasing singles as well. For the other band project, we want to get a few singles early next year and an EP by mid next summer. All in all, there’s a lot coming up, and I’m excited to keep pushing forward as the new year comes.