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Escape Into The Musical Stylings Of “See You” By Steve Harmony

Independent and on his way to the top, Steve Harmony is an up and coming artist from Toronto, Canada. His sound is heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, Usher, Justin Timberlake, and most relevantly, Kanye West’s experimental sound. Steve has had formal training on both vocals and piano, making him a powerhouse in the music industry. Steve Harmony release a slew of singles in 2018, and now has plans to release a 6-track EP later this fall! The project will focus on themes of mental health and awareness. Steve aims to bring people together and change mindsets for the better with his music. Through Steve Harmony’s single “See You”, the roots of the genre stand tall, that voice has character and the bars impress more and more so as the track progresses, but that backbone of authenticity in the beat and the weight of the soundscape helps cement the track as more than worthy of its role within R&B/hip-hop. The second time you spin this that key riff pours through with immediate familiarity. The calling cards of an effective anthem, certain layers, and details that capture your interest from afar. On top of this, Steve Harmony’s vocals add identity, the lyrics feel fresh and genuine, intense but real in what they present. The passion and grit in his voice add further weight to the concept throughout “See You”.  A worthy anthem from Steve Harmony, absolutely worth a listen! 

Give “See You” a listen here and read more with Steve Harmony below!


Hello Steve Harmony! We're beyond happy to be featuring you and your song “See You" on BuzzMusic! Tell us about the recording process, and how the overall curative process was for this song?

Hey BuzzMusic! It’s an honor to be here, thank you for featuring me! The recording process was spontaneous. It was pretty much a go of the moment type of thing. I heard the beat, started vibing to it. I loved the driving piano lead in the beat. Soon after the chorus lyrics came out, after having a melody, and later on I rapped the verses. I was sick when I recorded the rap verses which is why I sound a little hoarse, and a little Jadakiss-ish haha!

“See You" is surging with articulate emotions. What kind of feelings did you want listeners to be washed over with when listening to the song?

I wanted listeners to feel the passion. I’m not quite sure what single emotion to relate it to, but it’s definitely a mix of Love & Hate. The feeling of Hatred for people you thought you were close with, experiencing betrayal. And the unconditional love you give to yourself and your true friends and family. The salute “See You” is directed to the pretenders who continuously come around to drain your energy and dim your light.

How would you say your music now compares to the music you curated when you first started out in the music industry?

The music I’m making now is mainly experience-driven. When I first started making music I was in my teens, just talking about how much I liked girls. I’m now in my 30s and I’ve definitely seen highs and lows in life as a whole. So the music that I make now reflects all of that.

My music now is also very Biblically inspired.

What predominant message was integrated within "See You"?

The predominant message of “See You” is a Patient “Hello / Middle Finger” (For lack of better words or gestures) to those individuals who constantly and deliberately use, abuse, and drain your energy whenever they impose themselves on you. Previous times you would be subjected to their shame or guilt for the ways you didn’t measure up to their standards and the tactics they would use to constantly keep you under. But now being wise to their wiles you simply say “See you when you come around” to them for the next time they make an attempt at leeching of your spirit.

Thanks so much for talking with us Steve Harmony! What would you say inspires you and your music the most?

Again, thanks for having me! As I mentioned before, that would be a biblical inspiration.

After actually reading and applying biblical scripture, that gave me understanding and direction, which gave a second wind at life and my music. The Bible at this point in my life gives me clear direction on how to move forward, where I went wrong in the past, and how to operate in these present times. For me, it is a complete resolve.



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