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Escape Life's Bitter Moments With Kendyle Paige & Brandon Lee Richardson In "BullsEye"

Hardworking singer-songwriter and dynamic recording artist Kendyle Paige shares her most intimate and compelling single to date alongside producer Brandon Lee Richardson entitled, "BullsEye."

Kendyle Paige's story is one of love, dedication, and serendipity. Born into a Grammy-winning family, the young recording artist has climbed to international acclaim with television appearances, collaborations that have reached millions of streams, and personal songs about the complexity of human emotions.

Currently preparing for her sophomore album, Ladybird, Kendyle Paige said the project is "a snapshot of who I am and where I'm going. I hope my music is a snapshot of your experiences too." Until then, Paige is keeping us occupied with her latest single, "BullsEye."

She says it's an ode to the relationship with herself while trying to escape the patterns and bullshit she put herself through. "I just needed to focus on myself in order to get my shit together and be the woman I know I can be," Paige expressed.

This stunning, slow-burn single opens with Kendyle Paige's layered vocal harmonies that drift into the first verse, melting the speakers in a soothing, jazzy, and downtempo vibe. While she expresses how someone drained her energy and left her as a fragment of who she once was, Paige reaches the slow, groovy, and soulful hook that showers us in a delicate atmosphere.

Brandon Lee Richardson not only produced this sweet single, but he adds a harmonious and tender verse to deliver this beautiful back and forth. He sings a similar message of yearning to be free from life's many pains. But, alas, both of these talented recording artists have bullseyes on their backs.

Experience the equally heartwarming and heartbreaking sensations of Kendyle Paige and Brandon Lee Richardson's cinematic new single, "BullsEye," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kendyle Paige. We love the tender and emotional space you've created with your recent single, "BullsEye." What made you want to write a song about your dynamic relationship with yourself?

Thank you for having me. Most of my songs are about my relationships with other people. I don't think I went out of my way to write a song about myself; it just came out of me. At the beginning of writing this, we were all in the middle of the pandemic, so I had nothing to do except look inward, and this song just came out of me. It wasn't until after writing and reflecting on the song that I realized it was about myself.

What was your experience creating "BullsEye" alongside Brandon Lee Richardson? What did you appreciate most about the collaboration?

So Brandon and I's process is a little different, and I think that's why I like working with him so much. I wrote the lyrics for BullsEye in my LA apartment in 2020, and once I had bought a house in New York in 2022, Brandon and I started working on this next project. Like my first album, I go over to Brandon's studio in upstate New York to sing the lyrics for him. We discuss the subject and what we picture for it. Brandon then creates a simple piano loop for me to record, and then I let him have the song solo, so he's free to create how he sees fit. The instrumental is made specifically for my lyrics, and that's what I appreciate most about our collaboration. Brandon doesn't just send me a random beat, you know?

Could you expand on your songwriting process for "BullsEye"? Do you face any difficult moments when writing such emotional lyrics?

Songwriting is never the same for me. Sometimes I write down a thought and don't come back to it for a couple of months, but in this case, the song literally fell out of me in one night. I originally didn't have a feature in mind for this track and had written a second verse for myself, but once Brandon and I got to talking about it and both related to it, I knew he had to be on it. I wouldn't say it was difficult for me at all to write it, but maybe because it felt like an out-of-body experience? I just didn't know I was talking about myself until I read it back. I've come so far since writing this song, so I look back at it fondly.

Will the single "BullsEye" be included on your upcoming sophomore album, Ladybird? Could you drop any hints about the new album?

I haven't said much about Ladybird yet, but this next album is really special to me. All I can say is I'm really in love with it, and I hope others will be too.

What's next for you?

Well, a lot. An album, and hopefully a tour, a bunch of new visuals for this new music, and a lot of time well spent with my people.


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