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Escape Reality with Lara's Transcendent Single, "Drifting (feat. Lia Rose)"

Capturing the essence of lockdown's disorienting isolation through her latest single, "Drifting (feat. Lia Rose)," the Melbourne-based pop artist and producer Lara takes us on quite the ride.

Aside from her latest transcendent single, Lara has been busy perfecting her genre-merging sound and style. Influenced by the sounds of soul, funk, disco, pop, rock, and electronica, Lara's crisp sound and expansive array of influences have led her to be sought after time and time again.

Exploring soul-infused trip-hop with her latest hit, "Drifting (feat. Lia Rose)," the Berklee scholar floats through the song similar to how we're drifting through our days, attempting to seek a thrill in our cycle. With help from the enthralling and soulful sonics, Lara holds our hands and leads us on a stroll through the song's dreamy atmosphere.

Opening "Drifting (feat. Lia Rose)" are punchy drum kicks and twinkling synths that drop into a smooth-sailing trip-hop beat. Alongside various otherworldly and celestial synth arrangements, Lara begins serenading us with her soothing vocal stylings. Depicting the mind-boggling thoughts of wanted change during this odd period of time, Lara allows us to form a deeper connection to her vastly relatable words.

Around the halfway point, a deep and groaning bass-like synth pours through our speakers and has us feeling all the power and intensity of a sharp low-end. Lara's vocal layering and harmonies deliver this angelic and symphonic space, keeping listeners highly engaged with each sweet sonic and vocal element.

Find yourself "Drifting (feat. Lia Rose)" with Lara's dreamy single, and watch out for the versatile pop artist and producer as she sprinkles her broad talents over the industry.

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