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Escape Reality With Powerhouse Duo Minus 2’s Track “Orange Blossom”

Residing in Los Angeles is the powerhouse duo titled Minus 2. Comprised of 2 ex-professional football players, Collin Charles and J. Black, the two have an unbreakable musical chemistry. Previously teammates at Iowa State University, Charles and Black developed a close friendship through their bond of football and music. Collin Charles has always had music play a large roll in his life from a young age, he’s a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, engineer and vocalist. Houston native, J. Black only began really incorporating music into his life in 2017, but his flawless sound and undeniable talent would make you think otherwise. Minus 2’s sound can be described as retro-future that fuses soulful lyrics, catchy melodies and alternative dance instrumentals.

Minus 2’s single “Orange Blossom” is proof of their incredible and expansive musical knowledge. Hip-hop instrumentals layered with smooth piano and a retro vibe give “Orange Blossom” an alluring vibe. Deep and hard-hitting vocals from both Collin Charles and J. Black make the duo an absolute musical powerhouse. The duo Minus 2 strives to spread a message of love and to bring all sorts of people together hailing from different backgrounds and categories. “Orange Blossom” is a smooth and that delivers eclectic songwriting abilities and chemistry that blasts through the speakers. “F**k who I was, it’s about who I’m becoming” is my favorite line because it’s delivered so nonchalantly while maintaining the confident and ambient aesthetic of this track. Collin Charles and J. Black will paint a soundscape in your mind and take you on a journey through their captivating lyricism and flow. Stay on the lookout for Minus 2.

Listen to "Orange Blossom" here and get to know more about Minus 2 below!

Hi guys! How did you create the name Minus 2?

The name was created as a reference to our group of friends from college. There are four of us and without them we are minus 2. Our friendship began during some formative years and was solidified through our experience together as college athletes. We maintain a strong bond to this day.

What is your track “Orange Blossom” about? What inspired it?

Orange blossom is a song about a journey toward self actualization aided by psychedelic plant medicine. It was written in Orlando, Florida and the name was inspired by a major street called Orange Blossom Trail that we frequented in our time there.

How does your writing process work together?

Our process is always evolving and depends on the song. It can start with a Collin Charles instrumental or with a J. Black lyric or melody idea, but can also start with a J. Black production suggestion or Collin Charles lyric idea so there’s a lot of flexibility. We’ve also been open to collaboration with others which helps us integrate new ideas and possibilities.

How did you create you retro-future sound? Who are your artistic influences?

Our sound isn’t necessarily something we aim for specifically, it’s the sound that comes to us naturally. The retro-future description came after we released a handful of songs and we felt like it fit. Our songs usually have an old school feel to them with modern elements and like most artists we seem to be a product of our influences which span from hip-hop/r&b to jazz, soul and dance music. As far as Artist Influences, we would have to say names: we would say Disclosure , Majid Jordan, Zhu, Andre 3000, Sade, Daft Punk, Isaac Hayes, Marvin Gaye, Frank Sinatra, Toro Y Moi, Pharrell & The Neptune’s, Tyler The Creator, Gunna, Swisha-House, Big Moe, Nate Dogg, Dj Boring, Peggy Gou, Ross from friends, James Blake, Tierra Whack, Drake

What are some challenges you've faced in the music industry so far? How have you overcome those challenges?

The challenge we’ve faced that I think everyone faces is finding the best ways to get our music heard. We’ve overcome that by staying consistent, trying to get the most out of social media and continuing to generate content to build momentum for our brand. Despite the difficulty, we’re grateful to be living in today’s world with marketing and distribution being something we can do independently.


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