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"Escape," to the Greek Islands with Dolleesi's New Single

The Los Angeles-based r&b/pop artist and singer-songwriter Dolleesi releases an ode to her home country with an energetic electro-pop single, "Escape."

Recognized for her powerful vocals and impressive range that blends perfectly with her smooth guitar and piano playing, Dolleesi also has a rich wealth of knowledge in performing arts, music theory, and composition after graduating with a dual Bachelor's degree in Music, Performance, and Songwriting at Berklee College of Music.

Recently releasing her exhilarating single, "Escape," the song takes us into any vacation we crave with its island-esque sonic atmosphere and Dolleesi's warm vocals. "The inspiration was my country and my hometown," says Dolleesi, "Summer in Greece, island vibes, and sunset images in my head led to the song 'Escape,' which I am super excited to share with you."

Produced by Camilo Velez, mixed by Andrés González Cardona, and mastered by Camilo Silva, Dolleesi's single "Escape" opens with bright electric guitar picking and wavy background synths. Once the punchy drum breaks pound their way in, Dolleesi joins them and begins to belt her heavenly vocals that touch on an inner need to flee back to her home country with someone special.

We can't help but feel that Dolleesi fueled this single with a metaphor of being someone's paradise while she's basking in the glory and heat of Greece. We adore Dolleesi's beautiful and magnetic vocal portrayal in this single, as it leaves us in a trance and in need of a sweet "Escape."

Allow Dolleesi's new single to let you "Escape" on a memorable vacay with help from her savory vocal stylings and descriptive lyricism. Find "Escape" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMuisc, Dolleesi. We're truly getting down with the heat and passion of your latest single, "Escape." What inspired you to write a song based on being someone's personal escape?

During the pandemic, I guess we all felt the need for an escape at some point, so having that on my mind, I started dreaming of the time and the place I wanted to be “teleported”. Making music is my way of expressing my feelings and getting lost in my world, so those feelings at that time, combined with summer memories and nostalgia brought to life “Escape “on an island in the sea.

What was it like working with producer Camilo Velez when formulating the production and sonics for "Escape?" What sort of experience did you want the production to offer listeners?

Working with Camilo was really fun and a great experience in total. Camilo is a professional producer that I completely trust for the best result. From the beginning, he was very easy to work with and I can say he could read my mind about the vibe I wanted him to formulate. The main idea was to bring into life all the intense emotions that “Escape” reveals, identifying escape as “an island in the sea”, using powerful bass and beat to make the song danceable and energetic. The guitar riff behind the verse and chorus has a very fresh sound which reflects the summer vibes that we all imagine. The first chorus starts acapella with a harmony of vocoder, in other words, "talking synthesizer" that creates the time for the listener to get ready for escape when the beat drops, creating a powerful contrast.

When writing your lyricism for "Escape," what sort of message did you want to get across? What did you want your listeners to take away?

“Escape” is all about the title. This song describes intense love, passion, and the need for an escape to an island in the sea. I wanted people to feel the same escape from reality, dreaming of a lover of their own choice, that is why the lyrics describe just the necessary images to make you feel this escape and leave the rest of the details to the imagination of the listener.

Do you usually create such energetic and fun-loving songs like "Escape?" Are passionate and exciting songs like this a staple for you?

The same way, “Escape” was created, based on my feelings at the time, the same way all of my songs are being created. I have grown up making music to express my emotions and the reason I am sharing those feelings with my songs-stories is to help other people even if it’s for a few minutes. I am passionate, positive, and optimistic as a person and my songs reveal this perspective of “happy end”, but I wouldn’t say this is my staple. Fun and loving songs like “Escape” are just one part of me, but the main purpose of my songs is to motivate and encourage people to dream again when listening. Life may have ups and downs but it also has beauty in it and that’s the state of mind I want to pass to the listeners.

What's next for you?

An acoustic version of “Escape” will soon be released on my social media platforms, after the dance tutorial of “Escape” that is already on TikTok if you want to give it a try for fun. I am also working on the last details of my next Single release. It's another positive and energetic song, with an optimistic message and I am super excited for it, so stay tuned and get ready for sweet fun!

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