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ESQ Swallows His Pride On “Can’t Be Satisfied”

Sometimes, you must step back and look at the bigger picture.

With his vocal flair, a knack for witty, relatable lyrics, and a sound based on good old rock n’ roll, Larry Sager (better known by his stage name ESQ) is an electrifying musician based out of Detroit, Michigan.

Armed with a rare artistic talent, he impressively balances with a down-to-earth, nostalgic sound; this talented artist puts the “rock” in rock n roll. Hungry for success but, most importantly, possessing a deep, unadulterated love for music, you know you’re in for a good time whenever ESQ decides to put out new music.

About his new single “Can’t Be Satisfied,” ESQ says the meaning “is that it’s a love song about two people who had an argument or falling out.” Although the song begins on a low note, fear not; although both parties may have been upset with each other when “Can’t Be Satisfied” begins, love finds a way to prevail in the end. Featuring renowned producer, mixer, and engineer Sylvia Massy (Tool, Prince, Johnny Cash, and Red Hot Chili Peppers) on mixing and vocal duties on “Can’t Be Satisfied,” ESQ impressively finds a way to transform something that initially sounds negative to something heartwarming instead.

Beginning with a perfectly executed instrumental performance that oozes the essence of rock n’ roll, “Can’t Be Satisfied” feels like a cohesive release from start to finish. Although ESQ was initially reluctant to record, when Massy heard it, she liked it so much that she persuaded ESQ to release it.

We’re glad he did, and as he sings lyrics like “Looked to her; tears falling from those eyes like rain / Touched my hand – said could not stand the pain / Being apart for long; told her I was wrong” listeners stand witness to a touching love story that shows that two people can work it out, as long as they have a love for each other. Don’t miss the accompanying music video, which adds another layer of charm to this release.

ESQ’s new release, “Can’t Be Satisfied,” is heartwarming and flips something negative into a positive. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream ESQ’s “Can’t Be Satisfied”, available now on all majour streaming platforms. Check out the music video, too, out now on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, ESQ! We loved "Can't Be Satisfied"; what a rollercoaster of emotions! What was the creative process like for this release?

The song started with the main lick - used as the intro, the verse and the chorus - then I developed the chord structure for what you might call the pre-chorus and just tried to construct the chord progression that would get me back to the beginning; I went back and forth about whether or not to have a guitar solo; decided - for a change - I won't put one in; there's plenty of other songs we have released and will be released with lots of guitar solos (!) I did a piano add-on that is my favorite part - a sustained chord that stays constant while the other instruments undergo more obvious chord changes.

What was your favorite part of bringing your vision to life for the music video?

My favorite parts of the video are with the mannequin / Haylie. She did such a fabulous job on the make-up and playing the role. Is it evident whether or not she is an actual person or not? I like where the male subject is chasing after her - if it's not too hard for people to catch - because it's in fast motion - our mannequin is quite the skater if you slow down those clips.

How did you initially get into music, and do you have any favorite music-related memories you'd like to share?

I started piano lessons at age 5. I had very definite likes and dislikes of the music I was playing - I switched to a new teacher after seven years, and he gave me such crap to play - I quit. Subsequently - I discovered rock music on the radio - as my grandmother liked to listen to rock & roll and loved James Brown. My most memorable times in music are being in the studio and recording - which I love - though it has a certain amount of stress among my most influential valued experiences: sitting in the studio with David Foster and his engineer, watching him work with the Tubes and Chicago - how he would mix and overdub. Even how he listened back to tracks - at loud volume and discerning / a perfectionist - creating commercially successful flawless recordings. It's inspiring to me still - all these years later.

What goals do you want to achieve through your music?

We have so far done minimal performances. I want to start playing out - we must go once we complete these current projects. Our South America and Asia fan base is relentless - over 15 million views at our 7th release. It would be great to go out there and play.

What's next for ESQ? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

We have three new tunes coming out shortly - working now to complete the videos. For the fans who like what we've done so far - I don't think anyone will be disappointed with what we have coming up. While similar to what we have released already - perhaps some musical surprises are also in store. It's still rock music - hopefully fun, fresh & challenging to hear; thanks to everyone listening. We appreciate you - and keep on rockin'.


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