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Estate Will Shock You With Their New Single, “Ghost”

As a four-member rock band, Estate creates a big dreamy sound to help listeners lose themselves within their piece of music.

Being influenced by other successful bands like Foo Fighters, this British band has created unique, intense, and fast-paced tracks under the name Estate since late 2017.

With the release of their new single “Ghost,” a heavily guitar-based track that increases in intensity and tension as it goes on, Estate captures the sense of a forgotten individual within their sound. Vocal breaks mid-song help to prioritize the band's double guitarists, a bassist, and drummer while keeping the fast-moving nature of the song.

With lyrics like “I know what I said to you and you looked right through”, listeners will be able to capture the feeling of being overlooked and forgotten just like a ghost. This restless rock track expresses the anger and despair associated with being neglected and lost and the band portrays these feelings through a physical ghost.

Edgy and raspy vocals by the band cement the strong heavy rock style of the piece while keeping a consistent melodic sound. Estate’s big musical sound is sure to entice listeners to lose themselves within the music and we can not wait to continue watching this England-based rock band grow.

We are super interested in your new track “Ghost”, what was your inspiration and idea behind this piece?

The track came from an original idea we had behind an older song that was also called "Ghost". The original we could never really hook up so we left it for a bit and it eventually found us again through recordings of our jam sessions. We listened to it and we worked on it but am I glad we did so! It has changed so much from its origin but all for the better for sure! The song has the idea of you being an observer in situations where you should be making a change, but just watching the situation unfold without doing anything. It's all about evolving as a person and feeling slightly out of control, but letting it happen and I feel like as a person, we have all been in this situation.

You mentioned that your sound has been influenced by bands like the Foo Fighters, Deaf Havana, and Enter Shikari, how have you been able to incorporate their sound while staying distinct and unique as a band? I think the main thing we take from a lot of these great bands are the catchy sing-alongs but with some real deep-felt lyrics that I can relate to. A lot of the lyrical inspiration comes from situations we've all been in, rather than just an idea so for example, songs like, 'Seattle', 'Best Of You' and 'Constellations'. The lyrics from these great bands are what captivates me because they are so well written, you can feel the emotion behind the words, and that to me is perfection. Something that gets your hairs standing on end.

With Estate, people can't seem to nail our sound down to one thing and we believe that is a good thing! It makes us unique so we keep being unique by mixing the dream sound with the big punchy chorus and it is working so far! We love the vocal break in the midsection of your track, for newer listeners to your band how would you explain your reasoning for this? The breakdown has been an idea since the original bassline was written and we wanted to have that as a centerpiece where the song sort of explodes! We compare it to going through the eye of the storm, it's calm and tranquil but all of a sudden, it explodes again as you are leaving the eye and heading back into the storm. With our producer in the studio, we had previously experimented with the electric synth on Skyscraper, another single released this year so we thought to bring it back but with a deeper, darker vibe. In this track, it almost sounds orchestral like a choir but it adds so much to the instrumental. It makes the sound seem fuller almost, it's hard to explain but that's what we want. We want theatre, drama and this section nails that. We are glad you love it!!! It's really our best instrumental section we have written and people have loved it when we have played it live. Due to the pandemic and restrictions, there has definitely been some difficulty for many artists in the music industry. How would you say this year has shaped your ability to release music and how are you using these challenges to your advantage? Obviously, with all musicians at the moment, it's really tough and we personally, have had to wait to record this EP (Ghost is the last track on our 3 track EP dropping on January 18th). It was a real labor of love, creating the entire Ghost EP as well as the title track but we made it through. Releasing music has been especially challenging this year but by being patient and biding our time, we have managed to promote and push this track further than England and we are over the moon it has now reached LA! We as a band were in LA last year on holiday and to say it was the best holiday is an understatement! Playing live shows is a big issue as we can't debut our new material due to lockdown restrictions!! That sucks... But hopefully, that'll all change soon and we will be able to bring it to the audience and blow them away!! 2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so? Lots and lots of headspace! We have been given time to fettle songs we have written in the past and take ideas from existing tracks and seeing what works with what. This year in a way has been good for that as I can think, dissect songs and think about styles and what I can do to convey my message. A lot of the songs we create come from practice sessions where the drummer records the session and takes sections that sound good from it. This is then put into our group chat and we chat about it, we have never really sat down and written a song so, with all of this time from lockdown, it has enabled me to do that. I'd also say going for walks and keeping our heads level, staying planted on the ground, it's been a big balance of mental health this year too! Our advice would be to not take yourself too seriously, there is nothing you can do to change the world but you can change what you do on it so live each day as it comes and live that day the best you can.

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