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Ethan Bortnick Releases New Jam “Leave Me Alone”

At the tender age of 8, Ethan Bortnick has already paraded his sensational piano playing all over The Tonight Show, Oprah, Good Morning America, Disney, and even Nickelodeon! Since then, Ethan Bortnick has used his talents to raise over 50 Million dollars for charity worldwide! Now at 18 years old, Ethan Bortnick plans on unveiling the next chapter of his story with this catchy and sophisticated piano pop single, “Leave Me Alone”

We took a listen to “Leave Me Alone” by Ethan Bortnick and this song was a SMASH! We loved the theatrics it provided us. The piano chords were riveting and up-lifting. He showcased the transitions in tempo from soft and melodic to more rhythmic and fast. “Leave Me Alone” has killer piano playing alongside highly skilled vocals with an expansive range. The dynamics of “Leave Me Alone” were enigmatically entertaining. Ethan Bortnick is one of those artists who simply cannot be compared to another artist due to his multi-faceted appeal. Not only was “Leave Me Alone” pop driven, he still develops different genres fused within one sensational hit. This includes Jazz, Blues, and even the style of broadway! “Leave Me Alone” is a digestible song for a wide audience of listeners who would find themselves enjoying every bit of this record!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Ethan Bortnick! Beginning as a piano player, in what ways has your background in this field benefitted your music today?

For me, the piano has always been my main instrument, and it remains my focus today. It's where I feel most at home so writing a song without it is like trying to thread a needle. When it comes to the new sound, not only is it evident that I'm a piano player first and foremost but it also shows off my classical and jazz background with all the fun music nerd tidbits snuck into each song.

You had many success growing up by playing for multiple venues and shows. How has the journey been for you overall so far?

The journey has been amazing. To be able to perform and experience the whole world from just doing what I love is something I will never take for granted. Over the years I've gotten so much experience as a musician and a performer as well as meeting so many people and musicians. So this new sound is sort of a result of that, and also growing older and a desire to bring something new to the music scene.

Let’s discuss this song “Leave Me Alone” ! what was the major theme behind it? In what ways were you hoping to highlight this!?

When Leave Me Alone was "conceived (lol)," it was the first song to come out of the writing session specifically for my rebranding. As soon as it came out we (my producer and I) knew it was something pretty cool. However, it was not until we went to record my piano parts that we knew this would be a crazy first release.

What inspired you to write “Leave Me Alone”?

To be very frank, I was inspired to write this song because I was experiencing the pure human emotion of being: *annoyed*. Some very new friends of mine began to spread some not-very-friendly lies about me all over our friend group. And I didn't want any part in it so I just left it alone. And then they pestered me more. And I left it alone. Thus issuing a cycle and a song.

What’s next for you Ethan Bortnick?

What's next right this second: homework, eat, go potty, sleep. What's next in the distant future: I've got a giant stack of songs that are ready, and I plan to release them steadily over the next year. And then August is the start of my fall tour until November, which I'm very excited for.


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