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Ethan Hall Touches on an Honest Message Within His Recent Hit "Wasting Time (feat. ICAS)"

Hailing from Lawrence, Kansas, the versatile Artist, Singer/Songwriter, and Multi-Instrumentalist Ethan Hall teams up with Jodolin and ICAS for the release of their single, "Wasting Time (feat. ICAS)."

Playing violin from the age of three and later being classically trained by various instructors throughout the U.S. has led Ethan Hall to masterful creation. Learning to play through the Suzuki method, Hall later found himself able to learn skills through his instructors and by ear. After singing with his high ranking chamber choir from high school, Ethan Hall felt compelled to tackle the task of songwriting.

Now releasing his original music on all streaming platforms, Ethan Hall recently dropped his emotional and honest Hip-Hop track titled "Wasting Time (feat. ICAS)." As Ethan Hall brings a heightened sense of heartbreak through his vulnerable bars and lyricism, Jodolin perfectly supports the song's emotional theme with desirous and sorrowful lyricism on the hook.

Taking Ethan Hall's single for a spin, "Wasting Time (feat. ICAS)" begins with a plucky electric guitar that reminds us of a modern MGK. As Ethan Hall opens the track with his bright and melodic vocals, he spits his bars with intensity and honesty, exclaiming his distaste for someone who did him wrong. The supporting production serves the brightest of vibes by merging organic guitar and modern Hip-Hop drum breaks.

As we reach the hook, Jodolin comes through with his melodic vocals that resemble the unique stylings of Lil Yachty. As his vocals perfectly contrast those of Ethan Hall's, we genuinely love the dynamic flairs within this piece, primarily through the artists' emotional lyricism and the uplifting production/instrumentation.

We highly encourage our readers to check out the dynamic stylings of Ethan Hall and his recent single, "Wasting Time (feat. ICAS)." With help from Jodolin and ICAS on this emotional hit, we're left wanting more of these gripping collaborations.

We truly admire the emotion and dynamic elements within your recent single, "Wasting Time (feat. ICAS)." What inspired you to create such a heartfelt single?

We decided to make the song about the complications love can bring. You want to be with someone with who you invest a lot of time, but they are only interested in you for what you’re worth rather than for who you are. So that’s why we named the song “Wasting Time,” because in the end all that person doing is wasting your time. The song's lyrics are relatable yet upbeat which is what we were going for. Our main message is just to help people understand that they are worth way more than they might think. So they shouldn’t allow people to make them think that they are worthless than what they are.

Your bars and lyrics within "Wasting Time (feat. ICAS)" are incredibly genuine and relatable. What was your songwriting process like when writing such a meaningful message? How did you divide the work between the three of you?

This song had a very unique writing process and was incredibly fun to record. We all decided on a topic and wrote our own lines to the song. We decided I would write and sing the chorus, ICAS would write and sing the 1st verse and Jodolin would write and record the last verse. We wrote the whole song in about 15-20 minutes. The craziest part was when we recorded it. Everything went perfect. We made no mistakes while we recording. Everyone was jamming a lot and really feeling the song. Everyone in the studio was trying to hop on the track haha. It’s was a surreal experience for sure as all 3 of us have great creative chemistry. We recorded and wrote the whole song in about 45min in total. These guys are more than just artists I enjoy working with, they have become great friends of mine. This was also the very first project we had all worked on together so we didn’t know what to expect. Then after we recorded it we went to downtown Kansas City and celebrated because of what went down in the studio that day. It’s that moment we all decided the music industry was something we wanted to pursue.

Who created the production and instrumentals for your single "Wasting Time (feat. ICAS)"? What sort of vibe were you looking for within the song's production/instrumentation?

The beat we used was created by Ross Gossage & JKei. They are insanely talented at what they do. We heard their beat on YouTube and we instantly knew we had to use that beat for our song. It was upbeat, catchy, and easy to write with. It was everything we were looking for and we just had to use it for our song. These producers are amazing at what they do and are even more amazing for allowing starting artists like us to use their beats.

What can we expect to see next from you?

You can expect to be seeing a lot more high-quality music coming from me and these other artists. Since we made this song we have recorded many others. We work so well together why would we stop. I also have a song with Caleb Hearn and Jodolin coming soon. Lots of big things will be coming, I just gotta keep strategizing and investing in what I love.


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