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Eturnul Acts As, "The Messenger"

Born and rooted in the urban communities of Southeast San Diego located in Southern California, Eturnul comes from living a fast street life to being delivered and blessed with a second chance to live life again.

Giving all glory to God and living to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, her music is a proven outreach that bridges a gap long-desired between the wise and youthful generation. Reaching and inspiring the masses, Eturnul has chosen to live her life educating, encouraging, and empowering others to live a positive lifestyle.

Taking an old-school hip-hop approach to her craft, Eturnul's latest single, "The Messenger," infiltrates our speakers with a nostalgic wave of musicality to back it. Playing into a spacious yet bouncy flow that has you hanging onto her witty bars every time she drops seamless metaphors and rhyme schemes, Eturnul has us bopping our heads to the effervescent grooves that the 90s inspired record provides us with.

Matching the upbeat and energetic vocal performance that Eturnul conveys, the bright colors are seen throughout her music video for "The Messenger" follows the same suite and has us soaking in the vibrancy of this sonic and visual experience.

A mesmerizing factor comes into play when Eturnul releases waves of her charisma. Unapologetic with her skill set, the emcee in Eturnul comes to light as she delivers her best self in the form of "The Messenger." It's no wonder why Eturnul's fan base sticks to her impeccably conveyed wording as they do. Eturnul can make people listen, and she won't stop until everyone has heard what she has to say.

When asked to describe her lifestyle and music in 3 words, she replied, "God Or Nothing." Continuing on a mission to impact the world positively with a catchy twist to her flow and classic lyrical delivery, we're grateful to have Eturnul on our radar.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Eturnul! We love the quintessence of your latest single and music video for "The Messenger." What sparked the inspiration for this record and the video to accompany it?

This project sparked the feel of '80s/ 90's hip hop with a classic record celebrating 50 years of the original Mr. Big stuff. Bringing back, good vibes, fun, dance, love to our communities & the music industry. The video brought the colors, the groove, and setting that can only make you want to vibe out to it.

With God playing a significant role in your life, how do you manage to blend your love for music and the higher-ups?

Everything needs balance, and that's how I am able to use my gift to inspire others. With God as the head of my life.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process looked like when bringing this song to life?

It took me years to finally say okay imma do a real remake of a classic. My buddy had been telling me to remix one for years. I knew I had to come correct to do it. Honestly, Covid took me to another level. Reached out to steve og & him & steve vicious brung the magic. Replayed everything and we added original vocals & I wrote lyrics to it. After that, I said it needs something else, & boom reached out to DJ mac cummings and he put his 1's & 2's on it super lit. Scratching and mixing on it. Angelique jonelle & steve og added some vocals too. There you have it a masterpiece. Shout out to caraljo music, peer music & mailico music for allowing me to bless this classic. Truly humbled to have this opportunity. Thank you all.

What has been the best piece of advice you have been given throughout your artistic career?

Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream.

What is one of the goals you wish to achieve with this release?

Create a wave that brings back the love of hip hop & new vibes to the music industry. Connect with some of the legends of hip hop and the music period. Salute one love


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