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Eturnul Merges Hip-Hop With Gospel: The Ultimate Inspirational Experience

Hailing from Southeast San Diego, the passionate recording artist, hip-hop/gospel rapper, and songwriter Eturnul is about to bless us with her words of wisdom in an exciting forthcoming single and music video entitled "The Messenger."

What sets Eturnul's gospel hip-hop apart from the rest is her ability to remain playful, exciting, and charismatic, all while spreading the message of Jesus Christ. After living a fast street life, Eturnul was blessed with a second chance and now pays tribute to the man upstairs through each of her skilled creations. In three words, Eturnul describes her lifestyle and music as "God or nothing."

Eturnul's music is known to bridge the gap between the youthful generation and the wise, and listeners can hear that perfectly through her upcoming religious bop, "The Messenger." The song was inspired by Mr. Big Stuff's 50th anniversary with Caraljo Music and features inspirational lyricism from Angelque Jonelle and beats from DJ Mac Cummings, the Turn Table Minister.

The nostalgic old-school-like track was produced by Steve OG and Steve Vivacious, both providing a steady and groovy beat for Eturnul to share her inspirational words about God himself. Stay up to date with Eturnul and her unique sound as she prepares to release "The Messenger" on all digital streaming platforms.


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