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Euphorically Dystopic: Inside The Mind Of ZAKERY

ZAKERY is an electrifying up and coming artist from Texas. His love of video game soundtracks and cinema leads to a unique and captivating sound that’s sure to leave you breathless. With an upcoming album on the horizon, ZAKERY is ready to make a splash on the scene.

"Too Many Knives" is more akin to an adventure and reminiscent of completing a journey of self-reflection than a song. A mellow, somber opening, with just enough flavor and spice to keep you wanting more, "Too Many Knives" delivers more and more as the song flows onward. The synths breathe life into the world, created and sustained by the words sung and the beats played out in perfect rhythm. Your state of mind will change, while you try to comprehend the otherworldly soundscapes created with each keystroke. The choruses resonate and the bridges are clear and smooth, flowing seamlessly between each of them. "Too Many Knives" infectious tempo and moody vibes will keep you hooked to the last beat. Fans of game soundtracks will find this song captivating and familiar, while fans of sci-fi/horror movies from the 80s will be reminded of the past. An absolute blast to listen too, ZAKERY has the knowledge and capability to bring his words and production to life and express it visually and sonically. Every repeat listen will reveal new moments and bring forth a feeling of being a child again, and growing up with games such as Final Fantasy and Deus Ex. I can’t wait to see what new musical escapes ZAKERY creates in the future.

Listen to ZAKERY's new single "Too Many Knives" here and check out our exclusive interview below!

With your self professed love for video game soundtracks, were there and specific games that influenced the sound of this song?

I grew up playing a lot of video games when I was younger and that definitely plays a part in my music, sonically-speaking. Games tend to influence me on multiple mediums whether it is music, art, or even just thinking creatively. I’ve said this before but, I’m in love with the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack and I do hear a little bit of that in this song. I was playing a lot of Portal at the time of writing this song and I think there’s a little bit of that in there too.

Is there any special meaning behind the song title and lyrics?

Okay, so there’s actually a couple of meanings. There’s the narrative meaning the song has that will fit in with a larger narrative later on. I won’t get into that just yet. Personally though, this song feels like it’s my own way of trying to understand self-accountability and learning to take care of myself. I talked to Brian Hazard of Color Theory, who features on the song, and he said that he feels like it is more of an acceptance song. Just accepting who you are. I agree with that and it’s interesting to see the perspectives.

Can you describe the impact that 80s sci-fi cinema soundtracks has had on your music?

I’m a big fan of the original Blade Runner and Appleseed movies. I know Appleseed isn’t an ‘80s movie but, it gives me that same dystopian vibe. Baby Driver and Drive are also fantastic movies to watch if you are looking for that whole overblown theatrical and choreographic style. Really, I’m just very interested in any movie that is willing to take itself way over-the-top in a fun and creative way. All of these movies have soundtracks that I listen to regularly.

This song features Color Theory, how did you make this collaboration happen?

That’s actually quite the funny story. I listened to his music pretty frequently for about a year before ever even talking to him. It had to be some time in June or July of 2018 that I just jokingly posted something like, “Do I need to cut my arm off to write a song with Color Theory? Because I will!” I didn’t expect a response be he seemed to like the post and we started talking from there. Considering I was just a fan of his beforehand, I’m still pretty happy to have worked on anything with him. The song came out that August and the rest is history. On a side note, it’s way too underrated and I personally think “Monastery” by Color Theory may be one of the best songs ever written.

Any plans for the future? Live performances, album releases, new singles?

I have a lot of loose plans for the future. Singles, secondary ventures, and things not to be said yet. I have been working on a conceptual album for four years now. Music and art are the only things I feel dedicated enough to work on for so long. It may be a good wait but, I won’t settle until I’m satisfied with my work. Without saying too much, the full album will feature “Too Many Knives” and a lot more that I hope will be worth the wait. I’ll be excited to see what people think about it. One thing will be sure, I’ll be happy with it.


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