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Evan Croft Send Us On “Cloud Nine” In This Latest Release

Hailing from Toronto, Evan Croft is a Canadian entertainer that does not believe in limitations. Growing up he was involved in the church choir, a Toronto based children’s choir, and many local talent shows. Evan released his debut mixtape A Fresh Start in 2017. With this album he was able to work with up and coming artists like Fetchy and Zhethis. His second mixtape was released in 2018. Evan has been featured on a couple of singles and is stopping at nothing to share his music with the world. Giving us a glimpse today into the track “Cloud Nine”.

The introduction of this track only gives this song a slight look into what you are given. This track is filled with eclectic beats and sounds through and through! I really enjoy the diverse blends in the production of this song.

There is almost like a DJ scratch that syncs up with the vocals in this track. And even as you get deeper and deeper into the song you find so many different surprises! Like during the climax of the song there is an entirely new sound and feel brought into the track. It gives it an anthem, dance like feel. It is super catchy and rhythmic! Then he brings the vocals back in to show us he is multi talented. This track really does take you through cloud 9 and kudos to being you Evan and making a sound all your own!

Listen to "Cloud Nine" here and get to know more about Evan Croft below!

Hey Evan! Could you kindly introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello everyone, my name is Evan Croft. I’m a Canadian indie artist from Toronto, Ontario. I’ve been singing for 13 years and I decided to become a musical artist at the age of 18. So far, I’ve released two mixtapes, two singles and I’ve been an opener for Curtis Young.

How has being born and raised in Canada influenced your sound?

I try to make my music have meaning instead of just throwing lyrics together and calling it a song.

What is your most favorite thing about creating music?

Trying to write new lyrics, trying new sounds, collabing with other artists/producers, hearing new beats, the list goes on.

Can you give us some insight to the track “Cloud Nine”?

Cloud Nine is the first single I released from my third upcoming mixtape on January 22, 2019. The song is about feeling like you’re floating as high as the clouds when you’re beside the person you love. I added a rap verse in the song to show my different range.

What are you currently working on musically? What's next for you?

I recently released a new single called A Ride Called Life on April 23rd. It talks about my understanding of life and what I think it’s about. 

I have two more singles planned for 2019 before I release my third mixtape in 2020.


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