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Evangelia Fills Her Words with Passion in “Bitter Illness”

Evangelia Tsablakos is a gifted singer/songwriter, who was born in Montreal, Canada and grew up in Greece. Ever since she was young, Evangelia has had a burning passion for music and the art form. She sang in school, with choirs and at public celebrations. She took full advantage of every opportunity possible. However, the rock and metal genres ultimately captured Evangelia’s attention when she was only 10 years old and she’s held onto it ever since.

Evangelia’s debut solo release is the hard-hitting rock anthem “Bitter Illness”. The emotive lyricism, pummeling guitar, tight rhythms, and Evangelia’s powerhouse vocals fuse together to form an undeniable rock ballad. This absolute smash will have you headbanging and rocking out wherever you may be. Evangelia’s confidence and finely-calibrated sound is established well beyond her young age. “Bitter Illness” takes the listener through both high energy rhythms, but also more melancholic and mellow moments. In 2017, Evangelia’s father was struck for the second time with cancer, and sadly this time, the “Bitter Illness” took his life. Produced by Jonah Brockman and written by Evangelia, “Bitter Illness” uses both lyricism and sound to capture the passion behind the beautiful sentiments of the song. Absolutely heart-wrenching, but stunningly beautiful all at once. Thank you for sharing your heart with us Evangelia!

Listen to “Bitter Illness” here


Welcome to BuzzMusic Evangelia! We love your sound! Can you tell us more about your upbringing? How did you get started in music?

Thank you! So I was born in Montreal in February 1996 then moved to Greece, Chios, a small island, 5 years later. There, I completed all of my school years. I started singing at a very young age. I remember, we would watch tv and some famous singer would be singing and my family would say"wow how can they hit those notes?" then I would go to my room and sing that song and realize I could hit those notes! In elementary school, I was my music teacher's favorite. At age 7, he let me perform my first song for our school's Christmas holiday ceremony. I went on performing for school events and library openings.

By 11, post-elementary years, I had started to discover what type of music spoke to me and that was rock and metal. I would jam in my living room to Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory and pretend I am on stage performing! That's when I realized, what I wanted to be in my life, a singer!

Tell us all about your new track “Bitter Illness”! The lyrics were breathtaking. Can you tell us more about what this song means to you?

Bitter Illness is the song I wrote about my father. In 2017, I lost him to cancer after a 5-year battle. My father was my everything. I grew up looking up to him. I could never be away from him. He was my best friend and the best dad in the world! The lyrics perfectly describe my feelings throughout this tragedy.

This is the first song I have ever written, that actually has a deep meaning to me so I am very happy for it being my first single as well.

We know you’ve been singing for many years and we love your authentic and powerful vocals, have you had any professional training?

Thank you for the compliment! No, I have never had any professional help. I have always liked to practice on my own with different songs, styles and vocal ranges. It makes it that's much better when you discover what you are capable of doing.

How did the songwriting and recording process execute for “Nothing New Under The Sun”? Did you fall into any creative slumps while initially writing the track, or does the curation process flow naturally for you?

Absolutely!! I went through the "writer's block".I could not put my thoughts on paper! It wasn't until my producer Jonah send me an instrumental piece(which would later be the track Bitter Illness) that instantly got me going! In general, I find that I need some type of inspiration to help me create, whether it be a trip somewhere or an instrumental piece, which I believe is a common cause.

Thank you for sharing your music and letting us get to know you in the process! Can we expect to see a lot more material from you in the near future?

Thank you so much dor featuring me and for giving me a chance to put me out there as an artist and as an individual! The sky is the limit for me! Now that I have started, there is no stopping until I have fulfilled my lifelong dream!!


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