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Evans Owns His Actions In An Emotional New Single, "My Fault"

From Dartmouth to Toronto, singer-songwriter and r&b artist Evans delivers an emotional confession in his latest sweet-sounding single, "My Fault."

After serving in the military, Evans fled out west to Los Angeles, couch-surfing and taking odd jobs while developing his artistic sound. He then decided to move to Toronto and make a name for himself with help from collaborators like Marcus Letts (Yung Tory, Anders, Ca$tro Guapo).

Now releasing his expressive r&b hit, "My Fault," listeners can witness a more personal and emotional side to Evans as he expands on how he was the cause of his relationship's downfall. We adore the song's punk approach to hip-hop/r&b, as Evans offers incredible emotion through his passionate delivery while backed up by the soothing and warm sonic background.

Hitting play on "My Fault," the song opens with Evans' bright and beautiful vocals while emotionally expressing that he doesn't like to admit when he's wrong, but now is a better time than ever. As the punchy drum arrangements begin to pound through our speakers, Evans jumps into a warm and melodic rap while leaving our hearts fluttering.

We admire the emotional maturity it took to create this single, as Evans expresses his deep and vulnerable emotions for anyone to relate with. We also appreciate the modern feel of this hit, especially as Evans infuses his passionate punk vocals while riding the smooth and savory beat.

Refresh yourself with Evans' emotional and relatable single, "My Fault," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Evans. We love the raw emotion you've delivered with your latest single, "My Fault." What compelled or inspired you to release your emotions via song and write this heartfelt piece?

So much was going on when I wrote this, and it just kind of became a way to get that off my chest all at once. There's a lot in there that references times when I was younger, remembering mistakes we used to make and how we are still dealing with some of the outcomes.

We appreciate how you maintained this emotional r&b atmosphere within "My Fault" while adding hints of punk elements. Do you normally fuse genres like punk into your sound? Would you say that your sound is rather versatile and explorative?

Only recently I've been expanding my vocals to be more out-of-genre than they normally are. I always try to be versatile when it's appropriate, but having a loud and more aggressive vocal style is something I'm definitely going to keep for future projects.

Was it challenging to own up to your actions during your songwriting process for "My Fault"? Or was this process rather therapeutic?

It's always therapeutic in a way, no matter how nerve-wracking it might be. This one wasn't as tough as I expected, considering the majority of it is me reminiscing, but the anxiety of it all was definitely there at times.

Who created the emotional and punchy r&b sonics for "My Fault?" What was this creative/collaborative process like?

Angelo Carreiro made this beat, someone who works on a lot of my music. He sent me a huge pack of sample beats, and I'm pretty sure this was one of the last ones I really looked at. He came down from Barrie to Toronto one night to really dive in on it, and we did the entire thing at Adam Daley's studio. There were 5 or 6 other people in the studio when we made this, which was strange for me, but it surprisingly helped set the tone for the end result.


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