Ever Heard of a "Wedding At My Funeral?" Waterfront Shares More on the Juxtaposition

Punk/rock band Waterfront hail from Alberta, Canada, and have an intensely stirring sound. Since 2019 the band has been traveling (when safe) and sharing their exclusive and hearty sound amongst many.

The last time we featured Waterfront on BuzzMusic, they released their highly impressionable music video for their song, "Wedding At My Funeral," which hosted a mysterious and alluring storyline. The deep and dark narrative seething through each lyric attributes well to the visuals the group delivered, and we were only left stunned by their enigmatic performance. During their exclusive interview with BuzzMusic, Waterfront dived into the meaning of "Wedding At My Funeral" for those it didn't come easily to. The song dug deep into oxymoronic lyrics by presenting the ideology of a wedding being held at someone's funeral.

"Wedding At My Funeral," like all of Waterfront's songs, bring in many creative elements from each member. The band refers to the song's creative process as a "coloring book," where each member adds in their components until the final product is seamless. Overall, their strategy works to their advantage incredibly well, and they have "Wedding At My Funeral" to prove it.

Read the full BuzzMusic article on Waterfront here.

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