Waterfront Haunts Our Days With Their Heated Music Video, "Wedding At My Funeral"

The Alberta-based punk rock 5-piece Waterfront returns with their flaming hot single and accompanying music video entitled "Wedding At My Funeral," off their forthcoming EP, 'New Heights.'

Playing together since 2019 led Waterfront to travel to Vancouver in 2020 to transform their sound in collaboration with The Renaissance Music. Comprised of Dan Sequeira (vocals), Ryan Ross (guitar), Devin Taylor (guitar), Tanner Cyr (bass), and Graham Jantz (drums), Waterfront is quickly bringing something new and exciting to the independent punk rock scene.

Off their EP, 'New Heights,' Waterfront recently dropped the project's fourth and final single, "Wedding At My Funeral," alongside a thrilling music video. What sets Waterfront apart from the rest is their ability to convey such conceptual storylines while powering through with their high-energy performances, solid instrumental arrangements, and undeniable creative chemistry.

Hitting play on the music video for "Wedding At My Funeral," the visuals open with shots of a quiet church that leads us into Waterfront's energetic introduction. As Sequeira takes the spotlight and begins to enlighten listeners on his inner thoughts and demons that leave him in need of reconciliation, he blasts through our speakers with incredible energy and charisma to bring the video to life.

The video only gets better from here, as the rest of Waterfront passionately and fiercely pound their instruments while having the time of their life, making for an engaging and highly captivating visual experience. We love the eerie and haunting feel of this video, as the church, the purple lighting, and the stained-glass windows all enhance Waterfront's striking and intense performance.

Fire up your days with help from Waterfront's latest music video for "Wedding At My Funeral," and stream their EP, 'New Heights,' out now on all platforms.

It's great to have you back with us at BuzzMusic Waterfront. We're only getting closer to the release of your forthcoming EP, 'New Heights.' How does your recent single, "Wedding At My Funeral," prepare us for the overall EP?

Being the last single from our EP, Wedding at My Funeral dives into the heart of our small concept which is the idea of growing and developing into some kind of metaphorical new height. Wedding at My Funeral addresses this ideal much like our overall pursuit to craft this project into something we can be proud of forever. This song is about taking a hold of your mental health and the daunting commitments that entails. Something like therapy, for example, can be a huge benefit in the long run. However, a journey like that can be extremely hard and difficult at the time. Each week you're peeling yourself apart. Sometimes it's not the best experience but the silver lining and perspective you gain is the reward worth fighting for. Sometimes something needs to be put aside for something better to come together within yourself.

What inspired the angsty and hard-hitting single, "Wedding At My Funeral?" Where did the song's inspiration and concept come from?

The concept for Wedding at My Funeral began as a song originally titled Crying in the Corner. Once we dug into more of what we wanted the song to say, we realized which direction to further push it. This eventually introduced the oxymoronic lyrics and title of a wedding being held and your own funeral.

Could you expand on your band's creative process when creating songs like "Wedding At My Funeral?" How do you divide the process amongst your members?

Our process of writing songs comes in stages or phases. An idea will collectively be settled one which we will take to our producers to finesse out a fully realized vision for a song. We would then take this vision like a coloring book and have each member color in how they would like with their instruments. Once we’re in the studio setting, we all work together to further iron out what each part should retain and improve until the song is complete. We consider every small inclusion and we’ve learned so much from approaching writing like this in the recent year.

What story did you want to tell with the music video for "Wedding At My Funeral?" How did you want to make the listener feel after experiencing these powerful and haunting visuals?

We wanted to play off the face value of the song’s title for Wedding at My Funeral. To do so, we contacted churches in the Lethbridge area to film in. Southminster United Church in Lethbridge graciously agreed to lend us their building for a day and we were given free rein to use and incorporate a lot of their rich visuals to breathe live into our first real music video.

Were you accompanied by a team on set for the music video, "Wedding At My Funeral?" What was your experience like shooting this thrilling video?

We shot and edited this music video independently and we’re very thrilled with the outcome! We filmed each other and had our friend film the group shots. The entire process went smoothly thanks to a lot of pre-planning on our part.