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Everything's Better With, "Cream&Suga"

Cameroonian-born artist, Veetchy is serving you the musical vibes that you never thought you needed.

After sitting on the instrumentation for a few months Veetchy & Shanay Morantis are pleased to announce their most recent single, “Cream&Suga.” Captivating elements surge through your speakers as you take in the feel-good charisma that drips from the advanced progression heard in the arrangement of this track. Delving into elements of Electro-Pop, we’re offered a miscellany of sounds that comprise the likes of their certified bop.

The bounce emitted from the moment the song starts to finish is unmatched. You can’t help but be transported to a soul-infused universe that heavily pours bright hues of optimism. Mesmerizing with each saturated harmony performed, the luxurious timbres that effortlessly flow are remarkable.

The lyrical motif that reassures us, “that everything is better with cream and suga,” carries us into an intoxicating flair that breaks into a well-written verse that is conveyed with a fortified emcee delivery that captures your attention in an alluring manner.

Entirely switching the musical scheme of the song, we’re face to face with a sonic expedition that has us reaching an innovative dimension of magnetism. “Cream&Suga,” redefines artistic versatility as we are fully out of our seats by the end of the song and trying to grasp what just took over. Veetchy continues to wow their audience as he places irresistible music in front of us, knowing that we’ll take the bait.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Veetchy, and Shanay, and congratulations on the release of your collaboration, “Cream&Suga.” We love the vibes that you serve in this track. What inspired the lyrical content that we hear in this song?

The beat gave off sweet vibes instantly. Very bright and vibrant. Kind of like the beginning of a relationship or when you have a crush on someone. We just expanded on that topic. Made it a conversation between a man and a woman who find each other attractive and want to explore the possibility of moving forward together.

You mentioned that it was numerous sessions that finally gifted you “Cream&Suga.” How long exactly did it take for this song to be released to the world?

It took two long sessions before we were ready to release. The first session was where we focused on the core of the song. We actually recorded the music video for Cream&Suga that night as well. The second session was where we added that extra flavor to give it life. It went from good to great after that session.

What was each member’s involvement in the creation of this song in order to give it the desired sound we love?

I (Shanay) was sitting on the beat for a while. I had a verse written for it but I never finished it. Once Veetchy and I decided to do this joint album together I let him hear the beat and he went bananas. We finished the song in just one of our writing sessions. Veetchy creates these amazing melodies hooks and I bring that pretty vibrant sound which was perfect for this record.

How does “Cream & Suga” compare to the other songs that you recorded in the studios the

"Cream & Suga" was definitely the pop song out of the other songs we recorded that night. The other songs were very heavy RnB vibes. A big portion of our upcoming album is Rnb so we definitely have a few RnB bangers for you guys.

What's next for you?

Our plan is just to get back in the studio and finish this album. The world is looking for something new and this album is going to fill that void.



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