Exciting Atmospheric Single From Battleships Puts Us Into a Trance

Battleships is an indie band that specializes in creating atmospheric, ethereal soundscapes that speaks to the soul. The band has acquired radio play across the globe, won the Independent Australian Music Prize and has gained music placement for popular television shows. Battleships have recently released the single "Liar" and it is an ethereal experience, to say the least. The record features groovy ambient drums, spaced-out dreamy synths, and an honest emotional vocal performance. The instrumentation of "Liar" is focused on creating an ethereal soundscape that dynamically transforms throughout the song. It has captivating synths and guitars that shine whenever the lyrics stop giving us a little fresh ear candy before backing off to leave space for the vocal. 

The vocals are the true highlight in "Liar", they transform throughout the record in a beautiful way, it goes from being up close and storytelling to an ambient chant that really connects with emotions. The chorus is one of those that completely explodes in energy and lifts the song to another level, it becomes an ethereal masterpiece here and then relaxes again once the next verse begins. "Liar" is an atmospheric rollercoaster of emotions that everyone should take a ride on.

Listen to "Liar" by Battleships on Spotify.