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A Big Year for Rizzz 4 Soulelementzsoundz

Rizzz 4 Soulelementzsoundz is an independent creative audio technician out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The past year yielded many successes for soulelementzsoundz. The website reached over 100k fans in 2019, thanks to consistent and relatable releases. Rizzz 4 Soulelementzsoundz had many accomplishments throughout 2019, they released an 18-track album early 2019 titled “Beats n Coffee Vol 2”. This mixtape features eclectic sparks of fusion like “In The Music” ft Lady L. Rizzz 4 Soulelementzsoundz swiftly followed that up with the release of another powerhouse album titled “Ipodz N Angelz” with 20 original tracks.

We highly recommend you check out both of these albums to fully grasp who Rizzz 4 Soulelementzsoundz is as an artist. With releases this year including bangers like “The Charge” and more thought-provoking pieces like “Contradictions” ft LDM, both featured on “Ipodz N Angelz”, Rizzz set himself up as an ambitious and inspiring artist and producer. He also released some vibrant new visuals which can also be found on his website. Rizzz 4 Soulelementzsoundz is an artist with a clear understanding of crafting an ambiance and a moment both musically and vocally with his releases. Don’t sleep on the multi-talented Rizzz 4 Soulelementzsoundz because he is consistently releasing more new and relatable content for his evergrowing fanbase.  Check out Rizzz 4 Soulelementzsoundz’s new music here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Rizzz 4 Soulelementzsoundz! It’s such a pleasure to be chatting with you again. "The Charge" is the perfect track to accompany with some visuals. Where did you draw inspiration for this particular music video? 

"The Charge” music visuals were inspired by my son, Rizzz Savage. We decided one day to shoot some visuals on the android phone. The concept was Rizzz several years back wrote rhymes that became embedded in an old mic sending out radioactive frequencies. Future Rizzz discovered this mic while writing newer rhymes. Past Rizzz tells future Rizzz to keep working on the craft, because future Rizzz at times becomes discouraged.

“Contradictions” is a great new track but it seems to have a meaningful message behind the lyrics. Can you tell us more about the lyrics in this?

Contradictions is a verse from co-founder LBM. LBM and Rizzz composed this track years ago. It was a stress release moment encapsulating the mood. It was also a track from an underground release “Real Live Action”. 

Do you think your sound has evolved or changed since the release of “Beats n Coffee Vol 2” leading up to the release of “Ipodz N Angelz”?

SES has evolved in the eyes of our staff, founders, and supporters. Beats N Coffee vol 2 sets the ambiance for the sound that is soulelementzsoundz. Ipodz N Angelz is a collection of new and past mixes. 

How have you honed your songwriting and production style over time, and what do you think are the main qualities that make a song truly connect and last in the long-run both lyrically and sonically? 

SES likes to spend time looping, composing, and learning. Songwriting has always been a natural part of the production process. Where there wasn’t equipment to record new song ideas, many notebooks became filled. Sometimes it’s waiting for the right vibe to present itself to make a track complete. “The charge” is a complete track because it has the visuals to match a vibe that was very spontaneously natural.

Thank you so much for chatting with us. What can you tell us about your upcoming releases?

Check for more visuals in 2020 and new release “The Inner Sun” from Rizzz. SES has been collaborating with artists such as Average Mugga with the purpose to put out quality music.


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