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Exclusive: Corbella Releases Brand New Electrifying Hit Single "Storm"

Rock and Roll is alive and well in Austin in the music of the up-and-coming band Corbella, whose performance casts a spell on you, seduces you, breaks your heart and leaves you wanting more! This reborn rock band is led by powerhouse Britny Lobas, featuring bassist Russell Simonson, drummer Alec Cabrera and guitarist Ricky Jones. Corbella transverses styles from soul and pop to powerful, anthemic, down-and-dirty riff-rock grooves. The funky release of their single “Storm” starts off with their sassy and attitude-filled introduction that includes the electrifying instruments and timed fusion of staccato and legato vocals. The song has this aggressive approach that weaves between the lines of reckless and bold. I like the alternative, edgy feel it gives off. Corbella wasn’t lying when they said they have the ability to cast a spell on you. They grasp your attention with ear-piercing and powerful vocal resonance, carrying the song across the board of smashing Rock n Roll. You just instantly feel like a badass while listening. The tone “Storm” gives off is this organized but chaotic sense of living where you just feel a little bit more undisciplined and that’s the beauty of the song. It’s ability to give us the power to channel in our inner charismatic volatile persona!

Listen to Corbella's brand new song "Storm" here!


Hello! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Britny: Sure! I'm Britny Lobas, Cleveland native. I'm the lead singer/songwriter of Austin based rock-n-roll band Corbella. We're all transplants to this amazing city. Russell is from Phoenix, Alec is from Houston, and Ricky from Mordor.

How did your band form?

Britny: Previously myself, bassist Russell Simonson, and drummer Alec Cabrera were all in a different project for a while. At the end of 2017 the three of us decided we wanted to go in a different direction musically. We took some time off to re-brand, re-focus, and really find the right sound that we wanted. We also wanted to find a guitarist that was the right fit for us, which definitely took some time. A few months had gone by and guitarist Ricky Jones came along. And yes, we actually did find him on Craigslist of all places! It's been amazing working and creating with Ricky, and as a whole band. We all have the same passion, drive, and love for the music we're creating. We move, write, and get along really well together.

What has been your most memorable live performance so far and why?

Britny: We've been blessed to play some great venues here in Texas. I'd say the one that sticks out for me the most, would be headlining Stubb's back in December. It's just such an iconic venue here in town. To headline and have the room packed with friends and fans that support and love our music, we were just over the moon.

If you can collaborate on one huge project with any band of your choice who would you select and why?

Britny: Aw man. This is a tough one. There are so many incredible bands and I'm sure none of us would agree on the same one... I'd have to say Paul McCartney. Russ would say Muse or Stevie Wonder. Ricky would say Queens of the Stone Age. Alec would probably say D'Angelo.

Do you have any musical influences whom you think played an impact on your artistry?

Britny: Absolutely! Well, with 4 different people in the band we have four different types of influences. For me, I grew up singing in church, so my roots dig deep in gospel and soul music. Aretha Franklin, Etta James, and Amy Winehouse, to more modern day Christina Aguilera and Grace Potter. Also, my dad is a musician and rock-n- roller, so of course I was raised on The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Stones, to name a few. Currently, I'm listening to Zz Ward, Walk the Moon, Dorothy, and from my hometown of Cleveland, my friends, Welshly Arms.

Every artist and band has their own individual “why”. What’s the motive and reason behind doing music, what’s your why?

Britny: Personally, I really don't know what else I would do. It's been a part of me as long as I can remember. I was born into a musical family. Started singing on stage when I was 6. It's really all I've ever known and all I've wanted to do. It's in me. Music, singing, writing, performing, it gives me a sense of purpose. I release so much into my music, whether I'm writing or performing. I have an intense passion for this, and I crave to connect and touch people with my music. That's what music is all about. Connecting. Feeling. Expressing. Chasing that high.

What inspired you to write Storm?

Britny: At the time I was going through quite a storm in my life. I felt hopeless and like I would never get through it. Which is a very scary feeling. Then one day luckily something changed in my life and I kinda just did a whole 180, just like that. I had finally overcome what I was going through. And through it all, I had made it out even stronger. So what better thing to do, then put it in a song?

What’s next for Corbella? Anything exciting lined up!?

Britny: Yes! We are actually headed back in the studio next weekend to finish up our EP! We have a bunch of new music and we can't wait to share it with everyone. Also, some exciting shows this upcoming spring and summer. Also planning some touring around Texas and the surrounding states.


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