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Exclusive Interview: Bradley Arthur Maxwell Talks His Rising Single "No Wonder Why"

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bradley! We’re thrilled to feature your captivating single “No Wonder Why” with The Once. How was collaborating with the trio?

In short, it was a dream. I highly respect and connect with The Once as people and artists so having the opportunity to collaborate on a song was really exciting for me. Working with them and producer Dan Ledwell made the recording an effortless experience that was pure joy really. I believe that comes through on the recording.  You’ve mentioned drawing inspiration from artists like Tom Petty, Nick Cave, Radiohead, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Is there anyone in particular who you’ve found to be a role model? Why?  I find new role models every time I hear something that grips me. And sometimes it informs my creative pallet. Not directly, but in a way that motivates me to create music that will hopefully inspire or move someone just as deeply as I am moved. The artists listed are just a few amongst countless others that bring excitement to the pursuit of songwriting.  You’ve recently moved from Newfoundland all the way to Los Angeles, where do you draw inspiration from now after leaving your “breeding ground for creativity” of Newfoundland?  I currently live in Venice Beach and truly appreciate the opportunity to absorb its atmosphere and various energies which, like the ocean that surrounds it, are always in flux. The ocean is so mystifying, and to remain close to this kind of magic (as I did growing up in Newfoundland), is something I hold dear. As for the rest of the city, its exploration is neverending. There is so much new music to hear, new people to meet and new experiences to be had. At every turn it seems I’m learning to interpret life and art with a fresh perspective. The scope of LA can be overwhelming at times, but with that comes a ton of excitement.   You’ve overcome some substantial adversities in your life.  How has this impacted your music? Do you feel your sound reflects this?

Like all creators and makers, what we go through affects what we output. Up to this point, I've leaned towards introspectiveness as a means of dealing with challenges and various emotional hurdles. That often means hiding away in my bedroom and songwriting till my fingers and mind go numb. My hope is that the feelings I confront in that solitary space come through as sincerely as possible - and that others might relate or not feel so alone. We all have a story. Our unique perception of the world is molded by its chapters. My sound, and the themes I explore will continue to develop towards something that is unique to me based on my past, the present and my hope for what’s to come. Thank you for talking with us Bradley, and congratulations on the release of "No Wonder Why". What can we anticipate to hear next from you?

The new material I’m working on was born in California. That alone is very unique for me. I've been exposed to so many incredible artists over the last couple of years. Artists I probably wouldn’t have come across living in Canada. I've also taken a keen interest in how some of these artists are incorporating electronic elements into a more acoustic-based sound. Finally, I am also reconnecting with my first love - psychedelic rock. I expect the new tunes will reflect all of this and I’m really looking forward to digging in and sharing them out. 



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