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Exclusive Interview: Catching up With Austin David and His Grooving New Single "Zuma"

Hello Austin David, welcome back to BUZZMUSIC and thank you for being here! "ZUMA" is such a chill and laid back song. How has moving to California influenced your music?

It's given me a chance to find myself as an artist. I've long since had an affinity for California based artists starting with the Beach Boys to the Doors to the Eagles all the way to RHCP, Sublime, TuPac, etc. I wanted to get to California and see what it was all about. Working with different pop producers and writers, I found my voice as a pop artist.

You got your start in music by performing covers all over Michigan. In what ways have you grown as an artist since then? What are you doing differently now?

Nonstop writing. Working with different producers. Co-writing with different people. I think you get to a point where your confidence about the craft starts to peak. I've been at it for a while and you start to have an understanding of the whole process.

Whenever you produce a new song, you do it with the intention of leaving a lasting impression on its listeners. How does this affect your songwriting experience?

I just try to write honest music with strong hooks and honest lyrics. As long as you stay true to yourself other people will resonate.

What can we expect to see from Austin David throughout the year?

I'm putting the finishing touches on my next single release. People can expect an ire single to drop every 3 months. I took a break from playing shows. I had been hitting the L.A circuit for 8 years. I needed to step back and re-brand. I'll most likely do a few shows over the summer with a whole new and improved presentation.

Listen to Austin David's latest single "Zuma" here.

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