Exclusive Interview: Catching Up With Upcoming Hip Hop Artist CDZ

Welcome to Buzzmusic CDZ! Talk to us about your stage name! What's the story behind CDZ? I’ve been rapping since 11th grade in 2011. I started off as a producer with my brother Niko Blue, until I found my voice. I didn’t take things as serious until I hit college in 2013. My stage name comes from the supreme alphabet. It comes from the same place RZA and GZA got their names. Each letter holds its own meaning. C is to see or to see with the third eye. D is to be divine or to be purified from negative things. Z is the zig zag from knowledge to wisdom to understanding.  In which way was has your sound evolved since dropping your project “Atlantis”? This new sound is more refined and pure than before. I’m more focused on making music that’s meaningful to me but will also touch others. I grow with every project and I’m more excited to see what I can make. I never know what I’ll make next.  Tell us about your new single “LUCKY 7”. What does this song mean to you and what inspired you to write it? This song means a lot to me because it’s the first introduction I’m giving the people on my purified sound. Lucky 7 is a song I wrote out of struggle and pain. I was just in a bad space mentally but it was also an inspiring and eye-opening position to be in. I realized God finessed a lot of situations for me and that I needed to take advantage of that. Sitting around and being depressed wouldn’t change anything. So I wrote. 

What are some new elements in “LUCKY 7” that differentiate from your previous releases? There were many elements added by long time produced and cousin, DJ COPELAND. The production alone made me want to tell a story. The beat sounds like something meaningful should be said over it. This release is still true to my sound...it’s just more refined. I just tapped in and focused on the small details.  What's next for you throughout 2020?

2020 will be a very interesting year. I’ll be dropping an album this year titled 

“Some Nightmares Are Beautiful”. In the meantime, I’ll be dropping a video for lucky 7. VERY SOON. Be on the lookout for consistent and quality content all year. 

Listen to CDZ here.