Exclusive Interview: Diving in About Xaysha's Upcoming Music

Hey Xaysha, welcome to your first interview with BuzzMusic! First off, we’d like to talk about this rebranding situation that you’ve been experiencing lately. How has this shift reflected what you stand for as an artist, and how you want to be perceived?

The reasoning behind my rebranding came from my self-discovery during this time of isolation. It began with my change in music direction to then releasing who I was as a person and what I wanted my message to the world to be. I am a fun and loving individual with a bad-ass attitude. Someone unique and diverse with my own story to tell. This rebrand has connected to me as an individual and feels much more centered on me and my new music coming out. 

We’ve heard that you have a new single dropping sometime this year. Does your new track exhibit any growth or change since your notable debut single “Take Me Back”?

My new single that is due to drop soon is a very different feel to my first track. I have developed in my musical sound. Becoming less bubble- gum dance-pop to more of a chill- groovy pop. 

You've said you're going to be releasing a new music video to accompany your upcoming single. What should we anticipate from the music video? Was it shot prior to the social distancing era, or did you decide to take on a quarantined music video?

This new video coming is one you must not miss. ladies if you like eye candy who play the bass then this is the video for you. This music video is still in the process although I did take action with a lyric video during this isolation period, which will be coming out with the song on release day. 

With such a powerful voice and charismatic personality, Xaysha’s live shows must be quite the experience. What sort of rearranging have you done to your live shows now that you’re incorporating original songs to the setlist?

This new live show has never been seen before. With a new improved setlist, dancers, talented musicians, and a range of diverse new sounds, this show you don’t wanna miss. keep your eyes peeled for festivals and support acts up and coming next year. 

You' mentioned that by performing to an open-minded millennial audience, you’re able to form deeper connections with your listeners as you have more in common. How do you personalize these connections and keep your audience coming back?

Both of these fresh and modern tunes are of a relatable nature. The story behind the lyrics is one people of this millennial will connect with. Always keeping the next upcoming track relatable, real and catchy I draw the audience into s situation they have once been in. A lot of my Instagram also explains the songs and with hidden BTS shoots, I’m able to keep my audience on their toes. 

What's next for you?

After this new single and ongoing shows, I will be writing a track really close to my heart. This song will be about my father. The substance of the song will be deep. Get your ears ready for a melancholy symphony of pure honesty.